Happy Birthday to Us!

@TheSaturdays Another year has gone by, it’s yet again 7th April which means two things. It’s my sisters birthday and it’s also OUR birthday 🙂

Amazingly this website is 4 years old today, we officially launched on 7th April 2008. To put this into a bit of perspective:

14th May 2008: Official site launches (or near to that date anyway!)
27th July 2008: If This Is Love released

For those who have recently joined us, we launched in 2008 after we heard about The Saturdays – even way before the site launched – thanks to our wonderful S Club 8 community. The site was pulled together via the forum community and we launched and well the rest is history. Obviously we wouldn’t be here without YOU – the visitor – who keeps coming back to see what we have to offer and what we have to post. You can always drop us a message via Twitter and Facebook and some other social media places, check out the icons at the top of the page and if you are a member join us – we don’t bite 🙂

We also thank the girls of The Saturdays. Mollie has recently followed the site on twitter, we thank them all personally, plus the girls management and their team at Universal/Polydor music. All these members, including the girls, have been ultra supportive of the site throughout the years and we long hope this continues for the lifespan of the site – and the girls of course. 😀

Without the support of the visitors and the girls and the team that surrounds them we wouldn’t be here 4 years on. We thank each and every one of your individually, and hopefully we and the girls will still be here for years to come!

 – The Saturdays Fansite Team

I also personally want to thank EVERYONE who has helped this site over the last few years. There are too many to mention but you know who you are, be it the current team or those who helped the site when it first started. Without any of you we wouldn’t be here today. So huge thanks to every single one of you! 

Last year we had a tweet from @TheSaturdays it seems this year they’ve put us in the mailer! If you get the weekly e-mail look out for us there!! Thanks @TheSaturdays and their team this is AMAZING 😀


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