if this is love

Wednesday Chart Update

The sales from Sunday-Tuesday are now in, it seems that If This Is Love is climbing, if slowly, its now sitting at number 8 on the UK charts, whilst it has climbed up to number 9 on the iTunes downloads chart.

Any upwards movement is good, if it continues to sell well for the rest of the week, then they should get that all important Top10 placement by Sunday!

Remember to catch The Saturdays tomorrow on Nickelodeon tomorrow between 11.30am-1.00pm!

Early Chart News – Number 9!

Early UK chart news places The Saturdays debut single at number 9!

Obviously if you haven’t bought it, then why are you waiting? Download it from iTunes and pop into your local HMV and pick up a copy!

If This Is Love is currently the 11th most downloaded song on iTunes, lets raise that!

Update: Apparently the song is 1,900 copies off number 5 and if downloads didn’t count on the UK charts they would actually be number 2 – therefore downloads (or the lack of) are hurting the group badly so make sure everyone you know downloads it too! – LEGALLY!!

Debut single released to iTunes 1

If This Is Love – the debut single from The Saturdays has been released to iTunes! Support the group and get them their debut UK #1 single!  Remember to buy it online and then pop into town over the course of next week and pick up a physical (CD) copy of their single from HMV (or somewhere that counts towards the singles chart) – so why wait download the single TODAY and support The Saturdays to go number one on the UK charts!

If This Is Love (Single) – Includes single & Moto Blanco Club Mix
If This Is Love (Single) – Includes single & brand new B-Side ‘What Am I Gonna Do’

For those who are concerned about downloading it on a Sunday, don’t be the UK charts are calculated on sales from Sunday Midnight, any sales from today count towards next weeks chart, not this afternoons!