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On Set With …

Thanks to everyone who pointed this out to me, my TiVo claimed it was a repeat of 30 Days but alas it’s something a bit newer.

MTV are showing ‘On Set With … The Saturdays’ and its actually for Not Giving Up, which is a nice bonus. I’ve blown the dust off my DVD Recorder and amazingly it still works, so I’ve managed to record it for everyone! So enjoy the behind the scenes of the girls new music video ‘Not Giving Up’ 🙂


Remember ‘Not Giving Up’ is released in two weeks, you can preorder the singles from iTunes now – links on the left – or grab the signed CD too! If you are unsure (and no idea why) you can also preview the whole release, including the new b-side ‘Bigger’ – as well, just click the play button under the buying links on the right!

On The Set …

This is the On The Set .. program that was played out before the premiere of 30 Days. I’ve removed the music video which you can watch via the girls official VEVO channel below. Enjoy it whilst you can!

30 Days Official Video – PREORDER the single NOW (see the links below) 

Pre-order 30 Days from iTunes: http://smarturl.it/30DaysiTunes
Pre-order 30 Days signed CD: http://smarturl.it/30DaysSigned

Video Premiere: 30 Days 1

Not sure if @thesaturdays where expecting this, or if they where it was kept under wraps. MTV aired ‘On The Set’ this afternoon of the 30 Days Music video.

Music Video
Universal Music have removed this video, and subsequently our account has been deleted … watch this space …

On The Set …
See above message … 

What is annoying is that we’ve always worked close with certain people at Universal Music, so I’d imagine this is just a generic take-down notice done by someone else. We shall see what we can find out here!

Sorry its a little late in getting online, I was out this afternoon with a couple members of TeamSats! Please leave us your comments on the video below 🙂