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Disco Love – OUT NOW!!

The BRAND NEW single from The Saturdays is OUT NOW!! Disco Love is now available on the UK iTunes Store, so what are you waiting for, head over to iTunes and collect your pre-order NOW!! If you’ve not bought the song yet, then don’t panic, you can head over to iTunes now and grab the song, and the remixes (and brand new b-sides!) without leaving your chair! Simply click the links below!

Disco Love – Single (Only 99p!) Download Here! (Blue Cover)

Disco Love – Remixes EP – Includes TWO B-sides (On The Radio, Love Come Down) – AND a remix – all for just £1.99! (Red Cover)

Disco Love – Remixes – Includes THREE remixes – £1.99 (Yellow Cover)

Disco Love is taken from the BRAND NEW ALBUM, ‘Living For The Weekend’ which is OUT NEXT WEEK! Grab that whilst you are at it, the standard album is JUST £6.99 or grab the DELUXE album, which has over 20 different items, for a bargain £9.99

Disco Love – Out In Ireland!



For all you Irish TeamSats, Disco Love is OUT NOW on iTunes!!

You can now purchase the Disco Love Single and the Disco Love Remixes EP and spread the word that it is out to EVERYONE!

As of this post (12.10pm, UK Time) the song is just outside the Top 10 at Number 11 (and Number 15 on the albums chart!), so keep buying Irish TeamSats, lets get Disco Love into the Top 10!!

Gentleman – OUT NOW!


The BRAND NEW and 15th single from The Saturdays is OUT NOW!! Gentleman is out for your enjoyment, so get out there, don’t buy any cows, please buy the song instead. The links are on the right hand side of the site so buy buy buy, chart updates will feature throughout the week.

Let’s aim for as high as possible, another number one would be amazing, but a Top 5 single would be equally great! You can no-longer get Wildfire via iTunes but you can still pick up the signed CD before it sells out to grab a copy of that. As of this post update (11.10am – Sunday) we are basically Top 20 on the iTunes songs chart and Top 5 on the EP chart, so a very strong start, we just need to keep it there all week! Keep buying all, links on the right!


Sunday Bunch – 17th March 2013

Today @TheSaturdays appeared on Sunday Brunch to promote their new single ‘What About Us’ which is already NUMBER ONE on iTunes, so please head over and buy a copy (see the post below for all the details), if you want chart updates thoughout the week keep an eye on our twitter account @TheSatsCoUk. Also if you have bought the What About Us – EP on iTunes make sure you find another £1.99 and pick up the remixes too (every sale helps!) then pop over to Amazon MP3 and download the song for just 89p (We need it higher on Amazon, it’s currently number 41 ..)

We missed the opening of the show, sorry! Hopefully we can get it off the TiVo at some point. Also the start of the main interview is missing (a little technical glitch) but we’ve done the best we can. This show is difficult to edit as its pretty fragmented. As always the videos are in HD, as normal if you want to use these videos on your site/blog/tumblr etc. Please use the many variety of embed codes and everything on Vimeo. Plus please link back to us at www.the-saturdays.co.uk 🙂

Here are some videos from today’s show:

Mollie & Frankie Cook

Vanessa becomes a baconologist

Main Interview

Una does some Irish Dancing & tries some Irish drinks

Rochelle and Una cook pudding.

What About Us – OUT NOW!




The exciting NEW SINGLE from THE SATURDAYS is out NOW!

‘What About Us’ featuring Sean Paul is now officially out on iTunes and Amazon Music, so don’t hang around grab those pre-orders and spread the word to everyone you know to buy the single!!


iTunes – £1.99
1. What About Us (Feat. Sean Paul)
2. What About Us (feat. Sean Paul) [The Buzz Junkies Radio Edit]
3. What About Us (Guy Scheiman Radio Edit)

Amazon MP3 – £1.69

1. What About Us (Feat. Sean Paul)
2. What About Us (feat. Sean Paul) [The Buzz Junkies Radio Edit]
3. What About Us (Guy Scheiman Radio Edit)

The song has been heavily supported by radio in the UK, so don’t delay buy this song and get it up the download charts early, then hopefully a combination of the girls TV this coming week and the radio play will get this up to the top of the charts!! We will keep everyone updated through out the week on how the song is doing.

The girls visited Radio 1 this morning to do more promo – if you follow our twitter you will have noticed we met the girls at the show, follow us at @TheSatsCoUk for all the latest. If you missed the show you can catch it on the BBC Site here if people want us to put it online drop us a message on twitter and we will get it online 🙂 The girls are on Sunday Brunch tomorrow morning at 9.30am, we will get some videos online from this at some point on Sunday 🙂

Remember buy buy buy!

What About Us – OUT NOW!

What About Us image from iTunes USA

We’ve been waiting, well far too long for this, but The Saturdays BRAND NEW SINGLE What About Us is finally released … if you are in the US of course! The awesome new song is out today in the USA on Amazon MP3 and of course iTunes – Canadians can also download the song on iTunes Canada! (see the links below), This will be a long process for the girls in the US and Canada,  although the US and Canadian TeamSats have been waiting for years for this to happen and will rush out there and download it (you have right?!) the girls are practically unknown in the US and it could take ages, months even, for the song to gain momentum in the US. The UK release should be happening shortly (pleaseeee)

Update: The Saturdays official Facebook page has posted an update saying that the UK release is now March 2013 … more as we come across it.

Also those in the US and Canada make sure you leave positive reviews on iTunes and Amazon and spread the word!!!

BUY What About Us from iTunes (US & Canada Only) $1.29
BUY What About Us (Remixes) from iTunes (US & Canada Only) $9.99 (Wow)

BUY What About Us (Remixes) from AmazonMP3 (US Only) $9.49

Also a quick update for the lack of updates recently. I have basically no internet at home, which my cable company are saying they should fix it Wednesday evening and to top it all off we’ve been changing Internet providers at work so I’ve had a very on-offline experience these last few days! Full service should resume by Thursday!

30 Days! Out Now!!

30 Days the BRAND NEW single from The Saturdays is OUT NOW!!!

Don’t hang around, get buying. You can purchase the song directly from the following locations NOW, so get buying TeamSats!

– iTunes
Amazon MP3
Amazon MP3 (30 Days – Remixes)
Universal Store (CD)

Remember that INDIVIDUAL purchases = more sales. I know it costs more than building it as a bundle of tracks, but if you bought the remixes as 4 individual songs thats 4 sales, where as buying it as a bundle = 1 sale.