Frankie: ‘We don’t want to leave it too long’



Frankie has been talking to OK Magazine about life after Strictly and has revealed that herself and Wayne are looking to increase the size of their family!

Speaking exclusively to OK! magazine, she said: “Strictly was amazing but being reunited with Parker was better, in a completely different way.

“It was something I needed to do and now I’ve done it, I’m back to Mummy duty and that’s the best job!

“What got me through Strictly was being back with Wayne and Parker. I finally have some normality back.”

Frankie, 25, gave birth to son Parker in October 2013 – and she is already looking forward to expanding her brood with husband and former footballer Wayne, 34.

“Now Strictly is over, I’d love to have more children but we’re still enjoying Parker,” the ex-S Club 8 star explained.

“But I would like him to have a brother or sister. Wayne’s desperate to have another and I would like another because Parker isn’t a baby anymore.

“I see other little babies and they’re so little and cute so I would like to at some point and we don’t want to leave it too long, I wouldn’t want any more than three years between them.

“I’d love to have a girl but we’re convinced we’re going to have boys now I’ve had Parker, but I don’t care. I’m quite a tomboy so the only reason I’d want a girl is so I could buy girl stuff – their clothes are so much fun.”

Read Frankie’s full interview and see the adorable photo shoot with her son Parker in this week’s issue.


Frankie and Photoshoots

It’s Monday, oh how we love a start of a new working week!

Firstly we start with the news from twitter this morning that the girls are having yet another photo shoot, for a yet unknown project. We are all assuming that the photo shoot several weeks ago was for the tour, which we’re expecting an announcement for within the next 4 weeks or so, but what can today’s shoot be for? Answers on the virtual postcards please. Could be another tour related shoot, could be an album photo shoot (the girls have been recording – again) could be a nice magazine shoot for a some nice Not Giving Up promo.

If yesterday was a Mollie day, today is a Frankie day as she had a well deserved night out on Saturday night at Kelly Brook’s bar Steam & Rye and the Chakana club.

So what is happening?

Last night the girls official twitter, tweeted this:

Although it wasn’t a very early night for some as about 25mins later, both Mollie and Rochelle tweeted about their evenings.

Speculation is rife that it’s tour related, is that realistic? I understand why people say it’s for the tour, but we’ve been waiting for the ‘soon’ tour dates for months and months now and they’ve only just got around to planning a photo shoot for it?

Or is it just a bit of overhype for what is the single related photo shoot? Or an album re-release photo shoot?

Answers on a postcard please, or via twitter.

Mollie King poses for photos in US

Life is a picture for Mollie has she poses for a photoshoot in much sunnier climates in the US! The dailymail has posted a few pictures of the lovely Mollie posing for what seems to be an unknown shoot. (Does anyone know?)

The girls second LA show has taken place today, no doubt we will hear about it soon, with videos and pictures. If you attended and want to give us your views make sure you contact us, via Twitter, Facebook or even the ‘old fashioned’ e-mail! Tell us all about it!

All Fired Up At… Our Sport Relief Sock Shoot

Continuing our posts for Sport Relief! The latest flip is of the girls at their photoshoot for the charity… It’s a rather glamorous ‘sock shoot’, but since it’s the only thing they’re wearing they can pull it off can’t they?! 😉 In support of the girls and Sport Relief, get yourself a pair because the money will go to a good cause! Watch the latest flip on their official site now! 🙂

Behind the scenes with the girls exclusive LOOK photoshoot

Go behind the scenes with the girls’ LOOK photoshoot below, and read the exclusive interview in this week’s LOOK magazine – out in stores now.

In other news, you can catch Rochelle on Celebrity Juice tonight on ITV2 at 10pm! And if you can’t, well, stay tuned here 😉

All Fired Up At ….

…. our secret photoshoot. @thesaturdays new Saturday morning video takes you behind the scenes of the ‘secret’ photoshoot, you can view the video – as always – over on their official website

The girls are at this weekends V Festival as you are no doubt fully aware, according to the various TV Guides any showing of performances from the girls is due to be shown tomorrow rather than today, we will be recording the showings on TV and anything that does appear will be on the site asap! We’ve also re-recorded the Inbetweeners Top 10 that was on Channel4 last night, I noticed a couple of (tiny) clips that never made the original video I made, I’ll pop up a newer copy at some point today.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend 🙂