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Reminder that Rochelle is on The Great Sport Relief Bake-off which is on BBC Two TONIGHT at 8pm. The video will be on the site either later tonight, or early tomorrow morning for those who can’t see it, promise 🙂


Yesterday afternoon – I mean seriously afternoon, I had tickets, but work must come first – Mollie was joined by the rest of the girls to film her appearance on ITV’s ‘The Cube’, for those asking there is no airdate for this yet, it could be months and months away yet.

The reason for this post (and after nearly 6 years, If you’ve been here since day one, I’m not the person to post rumours or internet talk) but I feel its worth a discussion for those away from the (bad) world of Twitter.

Apparently those who went down last night asked the girls about the tour, the answer seemingly seemed to be ‘we don’t know’ and ‘nothing has been decided yet’ and other various comments along those lines.

Make of this what you will, but common sense suggests that maybe the form of ‘Living For The Weekend’ has caused someone to sit back and go ‘wait up here’. We all know that the girls are a singles group (more than an album group) – If you don’t get what I’m saying, basically they generally sell more singles than albums, and do better that way. But I’d would be shocked if someone at their label didn’t go ‘wait the album did what now’ and I do wonder if this is the case here. That seemingly the girls and their management want a tour, but the money holders are going ‘wait up, we can’t tour off the back of this album, its too risky.’ Obviously I’m not ‘in the know’ and if you are and reading this, drop us an e-mail!

Your guess is as good as mine, but for now we are seemingly in a state of limbo. We have no confirmed single news, we seemingly now won’t get a tour announcement anytime soon either. I still feel we will get a SINGLE at least in the next few months, be it something reworked/remixed from Living For The Weekend and used as a lead into a Greatest Hits (Seems more likely after the comments last night, be cheaper to release, minimal recording costs) and a Greatest Hits Tour … who knows. You are free to conspire with us over on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Away from music the girls are doing pretty good, Mollie is heading up various charities, and doing The Cube. Obviously Una and Rochelle are great parents, and doing their own TV work, Frankie is still a new mum so she’s got enough on her plate and Vanessa seems to be well enjoying life (which is great, right?!) I just think we are all getting a bit bugged down waiting for something that might be a while off, so please also take a lead from the girls and enjoy life too, we will all be here as soon as a sniff of an announcement takes place 😉

The Saturdays land US TV series? 2

This goes against everything @thesaturdays have said about going overseas, but I’ll post it here anyway ….

THE Saturdays look set to be the first UK girl group to crack America since the Spice Girls after landing a big-money TV deal with E! Entertainment.

The All Fired Up fivesome will be flying to America in the next few weeks to put pen to paper and launch an assault on the charts.
Despite rumours that the girls are to split due to Una Healy being up the duff, I can reveal the group will:

● Sign a five-season deal with E! for their own reality TV series.
● Attempt to crack the US by signing a new deal with a US record label.
● Move to America (minus Una) after their UK tour finishes to set up home Stateside.

My Saturdays snitch told me: “This deal is huge for the girls.
“If it goes well it could transform them from a UK girl band to international stars.
“The series will show the girls trying to crack the States after landing a US record deal – which has already been lined up.
“US showbiz blogger Perez Hilton is expected to feature in the first episode as he champions the band and vows to help them become the next big thing.”
The deal could be a major break-through for the girls but it couldn’t have come at a worse time for preggers Una.
I’m told the Irish babe will miss part of the show’s first series because of her ever-expanding baby bump.
But before her fans start crying into their cornflakes I can reveal she WILL be making a comeback in the second series.
My insider added: “Una is gutted she can’t spend as much time in America as the others but she’s not leaving the group. She will be back with a bang for season two.”
It seems Up really is where the Sats go from here!

Source: Daily Star Sunday

Not sure a lot of this makes sense … make of it what you will ….  this IS the Daily Star after all ….





Rochelle talks JLS engagement rumours

@rochellethesats talks to CapitalFM about Marvin and those engagement rumours …

With constant rumours that Rochelle from The Saturdays is about to get engaged to Marvin from JLS, Roch told she wanted to clear up those stories.

“Everyone that’s with their boyfriend in a serious relationship, if their boyfriend said lets get married, you know you’re not gonna be with them if you’re not, you know…” Rochelle told us.

And as for snooping around under the bed for engagement rings, Rochelle says that’s a total no-no.

“I always think it’s something you should never ask and  never talk about,” the ‘All Fired Up’ singer explained.

“When it happens it happens, and I don’t like to talk about it ’cause you can jinx stuff in life.

“When your other half, not just me I don’t wanna talk about myself, but your other half thinks it’s right and they want to propose to you they will do that.”

Source: CapitalFM

Vanessa for Celeb Big Brother? 4

Reports over the weekend have linked @vanessawhite with a role in Celebrity Big Brother when the show returns to Channel 5 next month. What do you guys this of this? A step up for Vanessa? A huge step backwards for her and the group?

Here’s an article from TellyMix

Star of girl group The Saturdays Vanessa White is reportedly set to enter the Celebrity Big Brother 2011 house next month when the show returns to telly screens on Channel 5. According to the Sunday Mirror, the 21-year-old is amongst a number of other ‘big signings’ for the show.

Boxer Ricky Hatton, ex-Blue Peter presenter Andi Peters and Scottish television personality Carol Smillie are also tipped to join 2011 version of the reality telly series.

Vanessa, the youngest of girl group The Saturdays, previously took part in ITV1′s Popstar to Operastar last year but was eliminated after just two weeks. The band’s lead singer would join the likes of Jedward, Imogen Thomas, Natasha Giggs, and Kerry Katona on the show.