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Hey all! Hope life is well and treating you all good.

We start with the news that we have music news. As confirmed by Rochelle and the girls official twitter, everyone is flying off this week to film the new music video for the girls! So expect lots of sun, sea, sand and First Choice logos! New music soon!! Even if it is a Greatest Hits release we can still look forward to the new songs, and of course the tour!!

The girls will hopefully start some rehearsals for the coming up summer shows too! The first one at North West Live is only 3 weeks away!

When the girls return it seems they are heading back to Westfield London. After their work there last November with Nokia, the girls are heading back there on June 14th to work alongside Casio Sheen and to promote some watches. As per the Nokia event, it is wristband only, you can collect them from Westfield on the day. SatsSheen

Westfield London doesn’t open until 10am, so someone will have an early morning it seems on the 14th! The restaurants inside the centre don’t open until 10am either!


Una has been speaking to the Irish Mirror about the ‘Pride of Ireland’ awards which she hosted. 

She said: “Every one of them was touching, every one of them made me realise just how much compassion and hope there is in Ireland.

“The stories were from across the counties and across life’s trials and while many of them were sad, they were also triumphant because of the work people have done to overcome obstacles and help others in dire straits.

“It was humbling and an honour to be part of the judging panel and it was really tough to come to any conclusion because they were all so worthy.”

I still have videos from Una and Rochelle from Britain’s Got More Talent from last week, if people still want to see these please tweet me at @TheSatsCoUk and if there is enough demand I will add them.

Also, not like anyone has forgotten, it’s Mollie’s birthday tomorrow. I spent the weekend working on the book alongside Rosie (@marvelousmollie) but you can still send in your pages until Thursday this week, and you can donate to the charity which is now standing at £420! Let’s try and make it £450!! 

Today’s the day

Unless you have been living under a rock recently, you will be aware that today is the day of The Saturdays 17th Music Video shoot.

No news or any details on what is happening (as of 10am) but we are all (probably) expecting the video to be for ‘Not Giving Up’ but we are all up for a shock aren’t we?

I’m sure something, somewhere will leak – this is the Internet after all.

Disco Love

“Take us back to 1999, DJ playing Hit me baby one more time…”

No, no, relax its not a song from the 90s from Steps or S Club, its the NEW SINGLE from The Saturdays. It was confirmed yesterday (after rumours) that the new single is called ‘Disco Love’ and the girls shot the music video in London yesterday, there are a few pictures of the shoot below.

Not much else is known about the song just of yet, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to hear it 🙂



New Music Video

I know this was shot a while ago, but it seems the girls favourite news-piece Daily Mail has posted this about the new music video – maybe there was a little media embargo – or they’ve got a deal to post a The Saturdays news item daily? There are pictures in our gallery but I’ve posted the ones from the media article below:

It was Daisy Dukes for all as The Saturdays filmed their new music video in Los Angeles.

The British girl band poured their curves into five matching pairs of denim shorts as they strutted down the street arm-in-arm.

The chart-topping five are busy filming a new reality show which follows them as they attempt to break America – and enjoy themselves at the same time.

While they have yet to find success in the U.S. the girls are hopeful that it won’t be long.

They certainly caused a stir as they donned matching outfits for their video shoot, the follow up to 30 Days.

Rochelle Humes, nee Wisemen, teamed her shorts with a tiny crop top, all the better to show off her toned stomach. As the cameras rolled she leant back against a colourful backdrop.

Source: DailyMail

New Music Video Today!!

@TheSaturdays are shooting their BRAND NEW music video today!! Details aren’t around, but their official twitter suggests its for a ‘BRAND NEW’ song.

Una has mentioned this morning that her baby bump is being removed in post-production and via a few creative shots from the director today.

We will update as more news filters through, which it no doubt will throughout the day!

 – Mollie has mentioned that MTV are recording the video for a ‘Making The Video’ special
 – Una has been showered with gifts by Frankie
 – Twitter rumours suggest the video is being shot in a US Style diner in London
– Still no confirmation (yet) of the song.

Behind The Headlines: Single Shoot Surprises 4

Check out this week’s episode of ‘Behind The Headlines’; where the girls officially confirm the name of their brand-new track! They also take you behind-the-scenes of their latest photoshoot for the single. You ready?

[viddler id=85cbb9c2&w=545&h=349]