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Site News 1

As we’ve had a few questions about this, I’ll do a quick news item. The site looks a little of centre for a temporary amount of time, hopefully not for long, this is because we are doing a bit of work behind the scenes. I won’t say too much but hopefully you can all see the results very soon! Until then make sure you keep downloading Notorious, its out NOW, and sits currently at number 8 on iTunes!

Remember Notorious is OUT NOW – Click here to purchase from iTunes!
You can also buy it from Amazon MP3 – BOTH tracks for JUST 1.19!! Buy buy buy!

Site Updates and more

Firstly, again, happy birthday to @FrankieTheSats 🙂

Secondly a boring type of post to bring everyone up to date on what is going on around here. As some of you might have noticed we are having a 2011 clean. The side bar to the right has been rejigged a bit – and a few more rejigging will occur throughout this weekend, hopefully making your experience a little bit better 🙂

Secondly we are re-jigging the site around. The About Us section has already seen a facelift, we are also actively seeking sites who want to be linked back to us. These can be small personal blog sites or tumblr accounts that people work hard on 🙂 We are (also) accepting Elite affiliates. If you need convincing we are the highest ranked Saturdays fansite on Google UK Search, we’ve been online since March 2008, and as you know we run competitions in association with the group, their record label and their management. The site has been lacking links to other sites that work as hard as we do, so this is something I am putting right now 🙂 If you are interested in sharing a link, or top affiliates check the link on the right hand side, or drop us an e-mail on and we can discuss it further 🙂

I run another site and the fighting between sites is something I hate, we are all online and are all sharing the common purpose of promoting the group, we need to be together in supporting the group, not fighting against each other, remember its all #teamsats 🙂

We will also be launching updated sections over the coming week, I’ll keep everyone updated on these and and when they are ready 🙂

Reminder that you only have a few days left to enter the Superfan competition. This is seperate to the facebook competition remember, and entries MUST be in by the 19th January