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All Fired Up Tour – Wembley change

Thanks to those who have brought this to my attention. It seems a few people this morning have had e-mails saying their seats for the Wembley Arena show have been changed. A look on Ticketmaster reveals a new seating chart, that suggests the stage has been moved forward into the venue, as shown below:

They are now using the back blocks (which in previous seating pictures had been shaded out) – does this stage/layout change suggest the London show is being recorded for potential future release? Just from a TV perspective it will look better if the whole venue is being used – rather than the empty blocks that where appearing on the previous seating chart.

Rest assured if you have got the e-mail you are no further away from the stage than you where previously, as the stage has been moved forward 🙂

‘All Fired Up’ Tour – Stage Layout 1

Ticketmaster have posted a seating chart for @TheSaturdays forthcoming ‘All Fired Up’ tour that suggests that the stage will have a small walkway into the crowd, … check out the images below for the seating layouts

Update: Apparently the walkway is roughly 9 rows in length, if anyone can confirm this drop us a message!
Update2: Notice how a percentage of each venue is grayed out?  Are they not using the whole venue? ……

London Wembley Arena

Manchester Evening News Arena

Newcastle Metro Radio Arena

Not all the venues have a layout for The Saturdays yet, the others are just using the generic layout, hopefully they will be updated accordingly and that the walkway will be similar for all the venues, including the smaller venues such as Brighton, SECC, Cardiff and Bournemouth.