Mollie Surgery, Royal Appointment and Frankie!

Last night our very own Mollie dropped into The Surgery on Radio 1 to offer help and advice, you can catch the show below:

Mollie was captured leaving Radio 1 last night in the brightest orange jacket you could possibly think of, as it shines against the gloomy London skyline! I’ve added a few pictures of Mollie below, our gallery will be updated later with some HQs of Mollie leaving Radio 1, so check back later, and our Twitter account for when they are added!

The girls had a royal appointment last week, as they attended the opening of the Marie Curie Cancer Care Hospice in Solihull. You might recall that a year (or so) ago the girls where there laying the first brick of the building of the hospice, so they where invited back last week to attend the full opening of the event – along side the future king of the United Kingdom, Prince Charles. Also in attendance was Una’s other half, Ben! I’ve added a few pictures below of the girls below.

Also in other news Frankie has been in the South of France for some relaxing R&R, we do have to say here on the site that she is looking rather radiant and healthy from the pictures posted, you can check out them below 🙂

Also, not that anyone needed reminding, Gentleman, is released in under a week, remember to pre-order NOW to get Wildfire as a b-side. So far the girls aren’t listed on many TV shows, just Lets Do Lunch with Gio & Mel on ITV1, 12.30pm, on July 3rd. I’ll keep checking the TV Guide and hope that more come on, or their official team tell us soon 🙂 Obviously any videos will be on the site 🙂


Mollie on BBC Radio 1’s ‘Surgery’ 1

Last night our very own @MollieTheSats appeared on Radio1’s Surgery answering questions from your own problems! A few members of TeamSats managed to get through too and she answered your problems, and even DM’ed a few on twitter afterwards.

You can catch the show again on the BBC Radio 1 website but it’s probably UK only so we will get a copy up later (hopefully) for those who live outside the UK and can’t hear it!