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Disco Love – Surprise Surprise 1

In your third video update of the day, here are our girls on the ITV show Surprise, Surprise. Also performing their brand new single Disco Love, which is OUT NOW on iTunes.

Performance: Disco Love

The girls surprise!


Don’t miss our updates from earlier in the day, including an awesome acoustic performance of Disco Love on Sunday Brunch and Mollie on Through The Keyhole.

Disco Love – the new single – is OUT NOW! Click the links below to buy!! 

Disco Love – Single (Only 99p!) Download Here! (Blue Cover)

Disco Love – Remixes EP – Includes TWO B-sides (On The Radio, Love Come Down) – AND a remix – all for just £1.99! (Red Cover)

Disco Love – Remixes – Includes THREE remixes – £1.99 (Yellow Cover)

Disco Love is taken from the BRAND NEW ALBUM, ‘Living For The Weekend’ which is OUT NEXT WEEK! Grab that whilst you are at it, the standard album is JUST £6.99 or grab the DELUXE album, which has over 20 different items, for a bargain £9.99

Video: Surprise, Surprise

A new video! It’s been a good couple of months since we’ve been able to bring you a TV appearance from the girls! So here’s the girls long awaited appearance on ITV’s retake on the classic TV Surprise, Surprise. Remember ages ago we broke the news that the producers of the show where looking for members of TeamSats who warranted a place on the TV show, well the show has finally aired and you can view the show below, in HD of course 🙂

Again, if you want to use our video please do, vimeo has all the embed codes you will ever need, and please credit us back at

In other news, People Magazine finally published their interview with the girls, you can check it out on their website

Surprise Surprise! 1

To answer questions we’ve had …

– There is NO age limit (fans can be of any age)
– When you contact ITV they will contact you back with ADDITIONAL information about your nomination, the procedure and if you have any questions about your nomination (or if they have any) they can contact you etc.
– The nominees (e.g. you, if you are nominating say your sister) need to explain WHY the person they are nominating deserves the surprise. Be it doing a lot of work in the community, helping others etc. This isn’t a ‘voting’ system. The decisions on who should be surprised lie with the production team at ITV. It doesn’t matter if someone gets 10000 nominations or just a single one. It’s not a popularity contest, decisions are made by the production team.
The show is still in PRE-PRODUCTION e.g. stuff has still not been finalised. Anything can change at any time.
Please note that your application will include the name, age, address and picture of the person you are nominating. So someone you barely know online cannot be nominated unless they are willing to supply you personal information, in that case its not really a ‘surprise’ is it?

If you have further questions you would like us to ask ITV please tweet or DM us at @TheSatsCoUk and we will ask on your behalf. No matter how silly (or deep) the question is, we will ask it!

Original Post:

Not too sure our younger visitors will remember this TV show, but ITV are bringing back the TV show Surprise! Surprise! and they are looking out for fans of The Saturdays! The new show is set to be hosted by Holly Willoughby, We’ve been sent the following, this is the press-release from ITV:

We are looking for the UK’s biggest fans. Nominate any super fans of bands that you know of and be in on the surprise. No idea is too big for us and no one is off limits. When thinking of ideas the bigger the better… Do you want One Direction to come over for dinner? What about a trip on the London Eye with a personal concert from Justin Bieber? Want to go shopping with The Saturdays. We have some of the biggest names on board and looking for the fans to give the surprise of a lifetime, whatever you can dream we can do.

We are offering super fans around the country these incredible once in a life time opportunities. Please make sure that you give an amazing reason on why you are nominating them and why you think they are worthy. Do they help out in the community? Do they spend all their time looking after someone and never have time for themselves? Are their bedroom walls plastered with the likes of Olly Murs, Gary Barlow or any other celebrities.

If you know someone who should be nominated please e-mail for an application form! Applications close 26th October.