The girls hit TV 2

Seems @thesaturdays promo for All Fired Up might actually occur before the single is out this time 🙂

Saturday 13th August

Hollyoaks Music Show – Channel 4 – 9.20am
Tonights The Night – BBC1 – 6.45pm
The Inbetweeners Top 10 Moments – E4 – 10.00pm (Also repeated on Channel4 later in the week)

The Tour Documentary – What Goes On Tour – is also being reshown on Channel 4 starting from Monday 15th August.

Behind The Headlines: Morning TV Madness & Sats In The Park

Reminder for our visitors – and ourselves! – that there are a couple new flips up on their official site, log in to see them! Last week’s one is Morning TV Madness and this week it’s Sats In The Park.

You can catch back the footage Matt has recorded from their ‘Morning TV Madness’ on this very site, watch the Notorious performance and a chat on Daybreak HERE, and the Interview on Lorraine HERE. And of course a couple posts below is the 4 songs they performed on T In The Park. We hope this will keep you busy for the rest of the weekend unless you had other plans of course 😉

‘Catch The Sats’ highlights for T In The Park! 1

If you’re gutted about not making it up to Scotland to see the girls at T in the Park, you’ll be pleased to hear you can still catch the highlights, all from the comfort of your own home!

From 8pm onwards, BBC3 will be showing live footage and highlights from a load of TITP performances, including clips of the Saturdays’ set.

Be sure to set a reminder for Saturday 9th so you don’t miss out!

I’m absolutely sure Matt will do his best to record it, so if you do miss out you will still be able to catch it right here on The-Saturdays.Co.Uk!

[Updated] Headlines Live! 1

@TheSaturdays Headlines Live! finally aired on TV, although it is on Channel4 NEXT Sunday – 5th June at 11.25am (ish) this is the Smash Hits airing from yesterday, we’ll replace it with a higher quality one next week:

Update: I’ve managed to get around the shortcomings of the TiVo box, to bring an updated version of the concert which is the proper size and scale. Apparently VirginMedia (my cable company) are aware of the issue and are trying to fix it with software updates. We will still post a higher quality version when it airs next weekend.

Can you spot yourself in the audience? Tho they’ve seemingly removed the live references to “London” – check the Higher pre-order on iTunes with Notorious to the version aired on this show ….

The songs they played are:
1. Higher
2. Puppet
3. Issues
4. Just Can’t Get Enough
5. Forever Is Over
6. Ego

An additional note is that Notorious has dropped to number 14 on iTunes now (it was as high as number 5 on Tuesday – so thats a bit of a slip – so keep promoting the single everyone!

Koko Pop : Interview 4

@TheSaturdays appeared on Channel4’s Koko Pop this morning despite my TV guide (and TiVo Guide) saying “Performances from The Saturdays ..” it seems it was only an Interview, but we know they have recorded a performance for Channel4 so maybe this will air in the future …

There is a small glitch on the video, this seemingly was the broadcast as it did it on Channel4HD too ….

We are trying out vimeo as a video host for this file, and for the So You Think You Can Dance video later, the major plus for this is that you can view this video on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch, amongst others and it shouldn’t be country restricted like so many videos are these days on YouTube.

Those asking about Headlines Live! It seems despite my TV Guide on my TiVo saying it was still on, all other guides removed the showing, the Channel4 Music Channels (such as Smash Hits) chop and change their schedules an awful lot. When it does air, we will record it, so don’t panic 🙂

Notorious on TV plus other TV 1

Just been searching though the TV Guide for @TheSaturdays and have popped across these:

Channel 4 – Saturday 21st May – 9.20am – KoKo Pop
Smash Hits – Saturday 21st May – 9.30am – Headlines Live!
BBC1 – Saturday 21st May – 7.30pm – So You Think You Can Dance (Results Show)
MTV Hits – Saturday 29th May – 12.00pm – ‘On Set With The Saturdays’

This is in addition to the music video premiere which seems to be on various music channels tomorrow at 8.20am, plus the 30min tour showing on Smash Hits/4Music if I find anymore I’ll update this post this evening.

The Saturdays on Alan Titchmarsh

The girls appeared on Alan Titchmarsh tonight – only seemed like yesterday that they where on the same show for Missing You –

Show Opening and Flower Arrangement (With Vanessa)
[viddler id=3168f3b5&w=545&h=349]

Group Interview
[viddler id=29284d1f&w=545&h=349]

Performance of Higher
[viddler id=583d89f0&w=545&h=349]