Una Foden

Reminder: Rock the Vote

Last minute reminder to keep supporting the Saturdays & Una by going over to the VirginMedia website and voting them for “Best New UK Act” & “Hottest Female”. The girls are currently #1 (71%) and Una is at#3 (26%). Lets give them these well earned fans

Best New UK Act

Hottest Female

“Chasing Lights” pushed Back

The debut album from the girls has been pushed back to the 27th of October is the rumor making the rounds on the internet. Sources such as musicweek are being credited with confirming the devastating news.

Don’t fret though fans, it’s just a few more weeks to go and gives us more time to make sure word is out about the release! In the meantime, for those who haven’t had the chance to see, here are some of the Saturdays recording “Work”!