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Happy Birthday To Us!

In an amazing turn of events, today sees The Saturdays Fansite reach it’s 6th birthday.

As those of you who have been here since Day 1, I generally write a long, drawn out message but this year I’m going to keep it quick and simple.

Never once would I have thought that this site would still be going six years later, it is a pretty amazing achievement, so thank to everyone who has helped over the years.

Secondly huge and personal thanks from me, to each of the five members of The Saturdays, thanks for your kind words over the years and the support that you have shown the site. Also thanks to the girls management and their record label who have also been very kind and supportive over the years.

And last, but never least, major thanks to you, the visitors, who keep coming to the site and seeing what stuff I decide to post on a daily (or so) basis.

I ended last year’s message by saying:

Thank you one and all! Lets hope Year 6 produces the new album, a new tour and everything we can wish for, the same way Year 5 ended with the girls first UK Number One single!

Sadly it seems the number one single isn’t forthcoming, but the tour certainly is!

Here we roll into Year 7 … which is scary and exciting at the same time. Thanks to you all from the deepest part of my heart!

Matt 🙂 x

Get Ready, Get Set

Hey all! It’s Thursday, and we aren’t much closer to hearing about a tour, or the full promo schedule for Not Giving Up.

Latest from NGU, is that the song will still not be playlisted by Radio 1 next week, they did add Neon Jungle, so those who like a good conspiracy theory can go crazy. In all fairness its not stopped 5SOS heading to number one this week – they’ve had no support from Radio 1 either!

The girls are set to appear on Sunday Brunch (yay?!) on April 6th, although they aren’t down as a performer … so as of now we have confirmed TV of Lorraine on the 4th and Sunday Brunch on the 6th. The TV guides are moving up into Wednesday of the release week now, and nothing else (yet) has been confirmed.

The official (Cahill) remix video for Not Giving Up has premiered, you can catch that below!

Last night Vanessa attended an event to celebrate 25years of the Magnum Ice Cream! Sounds delicious, there is a couple of pictures of Vanessa below.

TheSatsCoUk-270314-01 TheSatsCoUk-270314-02

Vanessa envy, Mollie parties and more!

Hey all! It’s Monday and Not Giving Up is released in under 2 weeks, but a little more on that later.

Firstly we start with Vanessa, and how she felt envious about other members of the group!

Vanessa White admits she used to be jealous of the other Saturdays.

The singer, who was just 17 when the group got signed, struggled with her self-esteem when she started to gain a bit of weight in the band’s early days.

‘People nicknamed me “the Fat Saturday”,’ says Vanessa, 24.

‘We’d be driving round the country all the time doing promo and were always eating McDonald’s.

‘I went from being a tiny size 6, doing dance classes and gymnastics at school, to eating junk food.

‘I was never huge – the biggest I got was a size 10 – but, because I’m only 5ft 1in, I looked bigger.

‘Being labelled “fat” just made me even more shy.’

Vanessa felt even worse when she compared herself to her bandmates.

‘I envied the other girls so much,’ she tells Fabulous Magazine.

‘I’d see how confident Rochelle [Humes] was, and the way Frankie [Sandford], Una [Healy] and Mollie [King] could eat anything and stay super thin.

‘I used to look at them and think they were so sorted – particularly Rochelle and Una. They were always so sure of themselves.

‘It’s just taken me that little bit longer.’

Via Now Magazine

Next up, Mollie was out and about in London town on Saturday night, not much else to say but I’ve added a few pictures of Mollie at the end of this article for your viewing pleasure.

Now to move onto the new single, Not Giving Up, unless you have been hiding under a rock the last few weeks you will know that it’s out in under 2 weeks now. You will also now that the song is (still) the only single to date that Radio 1 haven’t play listed. Which in itself isn’t too bad, I mean songs have done well without the support of Radio 1, but it does mean we are all going to have to work that little bit more.

As the week goes on we should get information about TV and Radio airplay, although (sadly) I’m not expecting much.
It might also worry some people that Little Mix (with the Sport Relief Charity Single) wobbled around the lower end of iTunes all week last week, and Pixie Lott did tons of promo and only just managed a Top 10. Traditional Pop is (seemingly) taking a bit of a hit right now sadly.

Promo details are still very sparse,  we do know the girls are on Lorraine, on Friday 4th April, the TV guide doesn’t mention performance, it just says the girls are there to chat about Not Giving Up, and maybe more exciting to some, the tour. More TV should appear soon, or hopefully an announcement will be soon. As soon as we hear anything else we will tweet it out!
As for the tour, I do expect a tour announcement soon (hopefully before the 4th, I assume April 4th might be the on-sale date, or maybe on the Saturday 5th), I also expect to be taking place in September/October (as I’ve also mentioned in the past). Theatres/Arenas/Combination, honestly have no idea. I know September doesn’t sit well with a lot of people due to University, and it’s a busy month for a lot of TeamSats members who will be starting Uni, but lets see and wait for confirmation!

Hopefully all will become clearer over the next 12 or so days. But it seems, a bit like the other ‘fan single’, Work, this is going to be a tough one (but I do hope I’m wrong!!)

Vanessa Very VIP!

On Wednesday our lovely Vanessa attended The Very VIP party on Wednesday evening. Not much information about it (that I can find) but obviously some sort of get together for various celebs and the like! I’ve added a few pictures of Vanessa below.

The Saturdays new single ‘Not Giving Up’ is released in just over 2 weeks – 6th April – you can pre-order the single now (links to the right of this post!)


TheSatsCoUk-200314-01 TheSatsCoUk-200314-02
TheSatsCoUk-200314-03 TheSatsCoUk-200314-04

Mollie’s B’day Book and more!

Firstly, again, sorry for the lack of site updates. Been so busy at work, studying in the evening, plus went to the Beyonce concert on Saturday at London’s O2, what an amazing show, so if you are going you are in for an amazing experience!

I don’t think I’ve missed much, the Not Giving Up video has hit the 1m views point on Youtube. So make sure you head over there and view it! Remember its released in just over a months time, so hopefully the promo for the song will be announced shortly.

Vanessa attended the Philippine Typhoon Disasters Appeal Gala on Sunday evening with Gary, I’ve added a few pictures of the lovely Vanessa at the end of this article.

Also if you’ve not heard, this years birthday book for Mollie has an additional appeal going on, we are trying to gain as much money as we possibly can for the charity Dyslexia Action, in rather amazing start we’ve already raised £200! This is with just the help of you guys and girls in the community, we’ve had no promo from the girls mailer (yet!) and other sources, this is purely from social networking and your very awesome generosity! We appeal if you haven’t yet donated to pop over to the official JustGIving page and donate as little – or as much as you want, huge thanks 🙂

There has also been a lot of public debate recently over Dyslexia, and if it actually exists or not. I suggest if you are thinking about donating, or want to know more about this debate, then to visit this blog post which was been excellently written by Rosie.

We will be actively entering discussions with the girls management, and dyslexia action in the near future to make sure Mollie gets the book, and the charity – and everyone who donated – get the recognition you all deserve. So please donate if you can 🙂


In-Style pre-BAFTA Party

Last night Mollie and Vanessa attended the In-Style pre-BAFTA party in a rather wet and windy London.

Not sure I can add more than that, I sadly don’t think the girls got on the mics and gave an acoustic performance of Not Giving Up. Although talking music, Una tweeted yesterday she was laying down some vocals, so it seems the famous Saturdays b-side is in full swing 🙂

Vanessa’s alcohol dependance.


Good Monday Morning! Hope you all had a good weekend, I was up the Emirates Stadium yesterday catching the Arsenal game, so I start today with Vanessa’s chat with The Sun’s fabulous magazine:

Vanessa White has revealed that she battled with a drinking problem that threatened to destroy her and her band The Saturdays.

Speaking to Sunday’s Fabulous magazine, the 24-year-old confessed that her dependence on alcohol left her depressed.

She revealed: “My life started to spin out of control in 2010 and it was a dreadful year.

“I’d be out every night. I went to G.A.Y., mainly because I didn’t want to be hassled by men and just wanted to drink.

“I drank vodka mainly but, to be honest, I drank anything. It massively affected the band and I felt lonely and depressed.”

Her drinking got so bad that it also threatened to ruin her career due to the effect it was having on her vocals.

She continued: “I didn’t know who I was underneath everything I was supposed to be. I’d arrive for work every morning hungover, then my voice started to go.

“I’d have to ask Una to cover my solos.”

In 2011 her problem reached crisis point and it was band mate Rochelle Humes who finally came to her rescue.

She said: “One night, I called Rochelle in a state.

“She told me to come to hers and I stayed with her for two weeks, not drinking, and eating properly. It made me realise I had to stop.”

I admit I didn’t grab the paper yesterday and The Sun is sadly a website that sits behind a paywall, so if you bought it and are willing to scan it for us to share with everyone then please e-mail them over to us 🙂

Vanessa hits the Cirque!

Last night our own Vanessa hit London’s Royal Albert Hall to attend the Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam opening night.

Not much else to add really, but here are a few pictures of Vanessa looking great!