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The girls record and Frankie eats …

As we know @thesaturdays are up in the recording studio again this week, laying down vocals for the currently un-named project. All we know is that they are being very public that they are recording new material!

Either way the worlds favourite news source, has put up a few pictures of Frankie yesterday with Wayne in Mayfair in London, which they have decided to twist on the whole ‘Why isn’t Frankie recording the the girls’ … I think the Daily Mail need to go stalk Frankie’s twitter this morning and see how silly they are actually being!

Frankie Sandford’s a Real Pretty Woman 2

ABOVE: Frankie Sandford had her very own Pretty Woman moment

SOME women get all the luck.

Saturdays star Frankie Sandford had her very own Pretty Woman moment when boyfriend Wayne Bridge treated her to a three-hour shopping spree at Harvey Nichols.

The Manchester City footballer, 30, arranged for the posh store to stay open late so Frankie could have an exclusive pick of the designer clothes.

Wayne even gave the jammy 22-year-old babe free rein on his credit card at the store’s branch in Manchester.

Deep-pocketed Wayne’s gesture echoes a scene in the 1990 movie Pretty Woman, in which Richard Gere let Julia Roberts loose on all the posh shops in Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.

Following her splurge, Frankie Tweeted: “Had the most amazing night last night! I felt like pretty woman… without the prostitution! Lol”

We’re told: “Wayne loves treating Frankie. He often cooks her dinner or turns up to meet her with gifts.”

It’s all right for some. Better than petrol station flowers any day.

By: Jessica Brown with Sonja Stephen

Source: Daily Star