News and updates related to The Saturdays in the United States of America.

Jeff Probst Show

The whirl-wind continues as today @TheSaturdays appeared on the Jeff Probst Show. They also gave another performance of the new single ‘What About Us’ out now on iTunes (US/Canada) but this time with a twist, with Una on guitar doing the song aucostically.

I was going to embed the links from the official site but for some reason embedding isn’t allowed. I’m about to run off to my girlfriends for the weekend so I don’t have time to post up our own videos for this show right now, but you can catch all the videos of the girls on the show on the Jeff Probst Website or no doubt if you rummage around youtube.

If I don’t get to update this weekend, then have a great weekend TeamSats! But I have my iPad with me and rest assured any major news will be added here 🙂

VEVO, MTV, Chasing The Saturdays UK

Yesterday VEVO uploaded the second Ask:Reply episode which a few familiar names seem to be on there, even if they only answer a couple of questions. Shame really that they aren’t asking more but hey ..

The UK Media launch for ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ happened yesterday, I’m sure we will be hearing more from the UK press about the show as the premiere date gets closer. Seems MTV are too excited by the show and have already posted something about it! As have the usual newspiece for the girls in the UK the DailyMail

Rather than post both items here you can click through to read them, nothing too excited tho, just Frankie and Rochelle admitting that in more closer times with their parners they wouldn’t listen to The Saturdays. Anyway here are some pictures from the UK launch of ‘Chasing The Saturdays’

Don’t Let Me Dance Alone


No no I’m not blogging about wanting another life! This seems to be causing a bit of a stir online. The theme song to ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ is being touted around the Internet as a ‘peek’ into the girls new album,  the song is going to be made available (as an acoustic) version on the UK CD release of ‘What About Us’ which you can pre-order now. This is a song which was also co-written by Lucie Silvas. You will remember Una tweeting about writing a song with her.

The BMI also has two other songs listed which are new (Thanks to Dale for the heads up) Don’t Let Me Dance Alone and Anywhere With You which was written by all 5 girls and the production house The Jam. So it seems songs are slowly being legally registered for inclusion in the new album.

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Universal Music Canada have released a press release for the group. It doesn’t really say anything we don’t know, but its a sign that the media in Canada are also being prepped on the groups arrival 🙂

Chasing The Saturdays .. Episode 2


Wait? Wasn’t Episode 1 yesterday? Yes it was, Episode 2 aired last night, Episode 3 isn’t tonight, its on Sunday …

For those who have seen Episode 1 which introduced the girls to the US *spoiler free zone here – promise* Episode 2 aired last night which basically is behind the scenes of the What About Us Music Video shoot and shows an emtional Vanessa who just can’t get in touch with Gary! I won’t go into details as I know a lot of UK fans are waiting for the show to air here in a few weeks, but the DailyMail (for some reason) seems to think that ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ is a news item and gives a little recap.

Remember that ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ can be downloaded NOW from iTunes in the USA (Not Canada tho) remember to leave a 5* rating and leave a great review 🙂

In other news the Daily Star is reporting that Wayne is set to propose to Frankie

[Updated] Chasing The Saturdays …

Update: Chasing The Saturdays IS available to download legally from iTunes in the USA, as expected, but as of now its only available as a season pass for $25.99 in HD and $16.99 in SD. This is a single price for ALL the episodes in the series. So say if there are 10 episodes you would be paying just $2.70 an episode in HD. Due to the show being able to purchase legally, we will respect the group and as normal we won’t put show or music which are available to buy legally on the site. Episode 1 is currently FREE on iTunes. So make sure you grab this whilst it’s free! Obviously rate it high everyone, lots of 5 star ratings 🙂 Leave a top review too 🙂

Chasing The Saturdays - iTunes USA

As you are all aware Chasing The Saturdays premiered last night on E! in the US/Canada with Episode 2 airing tonight at 10pm.

People wondering if it will be on the site or not, the simple answer to that at this stage is that there is a link to the show (which isn’t working yet) on iTunes in the US and Canada. If the show is available to buy on iTunes then we won’t be putting it on the site. The girls need all the support they can get in America and if its available to buy (Which should be $1.99 in SD and $2.99 in HD) – plus a series link no doubt – then I would rather people bought the show. It might also suggest that it might be on sale in the UK in a couple of weeks too. Again if thats the case I’d rather people bought the show. I know those outside the US/Canada/UK are now screaming at me, but if I put up a link here to ‘What About Us’ and said download it here for FREE, well you all know what would happen. Let’s see what happens today before we make a final decision. Plus at the time of this post publishing I don’t have a copy of the show I can use anyway! If you’ve not seen the show, there is a recap here

The girls UK mouthpiece – The Daily Mail – has talked about the show. They are saying that US critics having given it a mixed response – I’m not going to post the article here as its well typical DM writing, but I wouldn’t worry what the critics have to say, the group aren’t trying to publicise themselves to them!

In must better news Heat are running a competition which flys you to LA to meet the girls (so they are going back then!) the competition doesn’t actually give the dates, so that might be difficult!


Sats In The City

Hello from a snowy London, well I believe it’s snowing everywhere, and its very bad in South Wales, so take care!

Yesterday our favourite girls took on the mighty Big Apple – yes New York City – where they performed a sell out concert at the Highline Ballroom – and met fans at the NBC Store, plus also paid MTV a visit cos well why not?

I’ve added a few pictures of the girls performance and NBC signing below for you to view, we will no doubt have them in lovely HQ to view in the gallery soon.

The girls also popped into MTV and spoke about the Destiny Child’s reunion:

And, that notion has U.K. girl group The Saturdays quite hyped. So, how stoked are they for the DC girls to get back together? “I’m so excited. I’ve heard a tiny little clip and I love it. I’m hoping it’s not just for one single, which I heard it is,” Saturdays member Rochelle Humes told MTV News on Wednesday when they stopped by the newsroom ahead of the Sunday premiere of their E! reality show, “Chasing The Saturdays,” on January 20.

Gotta laugh, seems the girls song with Rodney Jerkins will feature the trademark ‘darkchild’ in the song (If you don’t know what I mean listen to Say My Name by Destiny’s Child, or Telephone (nearer the end) by GaGa/Beyonce)

What makes the DC news even more exhilarating is the fact that the ladies of the Saturdays are only one degree of separation away from knowing Queen B, Michelle and Kelly. “And it’s really cool because we actually worked with Rodney Jerkins on a track recently,” Una Healy revealed. “And I always remember in ‘Say My Name’ that Darkchild [shout out]. We actually got him to go in and put it down. He says, ‘I’m not sure if I’ll keep it in or not,’ and we’re like ‘Oh gosh!’ cause I remember growing up listening to that song.”

News Roundup

Hey all! Here’s some more news bits and pieces that are floating around the interwebs!

First, was YOUR question answered, here’s the first of (many) VEVO videos from the girls!

ChasingTheSaturdaysAmazon US has confirmed the tracklisting for Chasing The Saturdays, it not comes as (too) much of a surprise of what songs are actually on there:

1. What About Us
2. All Fired Up
3. Higher
4. Notorious
5. Ego

The EP is released on January 27th, the CD will be in stores on January 29th in US and Canada.

Now I’m sure you’ve ALL seen our competition on the right? If not get clicking! But if you need more motivation to enter, Mollie was wearing a Motel Rocks outfit on the Today show (see videos below!) Mollie is wearing the Gladdy Dress which you can now pick up for just £18 then you can top that off by entering our competition and winning a play suit which the girls also have been spotted wearing. So what you waiting for?!



Today Show – Interview & Performance

Yesterday the girls appeared on NBC’s Today Show to promote theirselves, What About Us and of course Chasing The Saturdays! I’ve not come across any nice HD versions of the interview and performance yet so I’ve embedded the official videos from NBC for the time being, they play for me in the UK so I assume they are viewable everywhere. If they aren’t give me a message on @TheSatsCoUk and I’ll fix that.

Performance – What About Us