Don’t Let Me Dance Alone


No no I’m not blogging about wanting another life! This seems to be causing a bit of a stir online. The theme song to ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ is being touted around the Internet as a ‘peek’ into the girls new album,  the song is going to be made available (as an acoustic) version on the UK CD release of ‘What About Us’ which you can pre-order now. This is a song which was also co-written by Lucie Silvas. You will remember Una tweeting about writing a song with her.

The BMI also has two other songs listed which are new (Thanks to Dale for the heads up) Don’t Let Me Dance Alone and Anywhere With You which was written by all 5 girls and the production house The Jam. So it seems songs are slowly being legally registered for inclusion in the new album.

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Universal Music Canada have released a press release for the group. It doesn’t really say anything we don’t know, but its a sign that the media in Canada are also being prepped on the groups arrival 🙂

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