30 days

Saturdays on Gaydar Radio

As you know the girls hit Gaydar Radio last week for an Interview and to answer YOUR questions, if you follow us on twitter you will have seen us asking for questions for you to send into the radio station to be answered. If you missed the show last Saturday Gaydar have put videos online of the girls in the studio, you can view these videos below!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Remember 30 Days is OUT NOW! You can buy the song from iTunes, Amazon MP3, links on the right of this news item. Also don’t miss the FIRST performance of 30 Days, check the post below or in our media pages 🙂 

Debut Performance: 30 Days

We’ve had to wait a bit for this, but here is the FIRST performance of 30 Days, as performed on This Morning!

Dance girls .. dance .. please … 😉

As always you are free to use our videos on your website/blog/tumblr etc. Just please use our embed code and drop us a link back www.the-saturdays.co.uk. We cannot stop people downloading and uploading videos to all manners or websites, but if you are a visitor here and downloaded it and have that urge to upload it to youtube (or somewhere) just please put a link back to here in the description. I don’t really want to start putting tags on the videos again 🙁

30 Days is OUT NOW! Buy from iTunes and the REMIXES via iTunes remember that the EP counts was 1 SALE, if you buy the remixes INDIVIDUALLY they will count as a sale EACH so if you bought all 4 that would be 4 sales for 30 Days (although it will cost you £1.98 or so more) so do what you feel is best for you 🙂 


In The Hub

30 Days! Out Now!!

30 Days the BRAND NEW single from The Saturdays is OUT NOW!!!

Don’t hang around, get buying. You can purchase the song directly from the following locations NOW, so get buying TeamSats!

– iTunes
Amazon MP3
Amazon MP3 (30 Days – Remixes)
Universal Store (CD)

Remember that INDIVIDUAL purchases = more sales. I know it costs more than building it as a bundle of tracks, but if you bought the remixes as 4 individual songs thats 4 sales, where as buying it as a bundle = 1 sale.

Site Notice regarding this weekends TV

Hey all! Just a notice regarding this weekends television. The girls are set to hit Saturday TV to promote 30 Days – released Sunday. The girls are set to be on:

Saturday: Gaydar Radio – Interview – between 10am-2pm
Saturday: Britain’s Got More Talent – ITV2 – 9.00pm
Sunday: Sunday Brunch – Channel 4 – 10.00am

Update: I think the official site got the dates wrong, Keith Lemon Lemonaid is NEXT Saturday (19th) at 6.15pm according to my TV Guide. My TV Guide only shows them on Sunday Brunch this weekend … so I guess the debut TV performance is on This Morning on Monday? Correct me if I’m wrong here. 🙂

I am out this weekend celebrating my girlfriends birthday in Manchester – for those who aren’t aware I live in London – and I will be without access to a computer from Saturday evening until I get home late on Sunday. Videos might have to wait until Monday when the girls are also on This Morning, so Monday might be a bumper video day for everyone who missed the girls or just want to watch it again and again. I’ll keep everyone up-to-date via Twitter and Facebook.

Mollie on Britain’s Got More Talent

Seems one of The Saturdays appeared on Britain’s Got More Talent after all, after the false start of this weekend our very own Mollie appeared on the ‘celebrity panel’ of Britain’s Got More Talent this evening, you can catch her talking about the various acts below, ‘you may lick the screen’ :

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

As always you are free to use our videos on your own site/blog etc. Just give us a link back. All the embed codes are freely available via the embed button on the vide above 🙂

Gaydar Radio

@thesaturdays are hitting Gaydar Radio tomorrow for a question and answer session, and Gaydar Radio are asking for you to submit your questions!!

To submit your question simply tweet @gaydarradio and include the hashtag #SaturdaysOnGaydar and they will try to get as many questions answered as possible! Make them good questions TeamSats!!

Good luck!!

TV confirmed

Seems @TheSaturdays are really pushing the boat out with TV promo this time around ….. or maybe not, apart from what everyone already knew they’ve confirmed just another 2 TV slots for the week the single is out … so to recap …

Keith Lemon’s Lemonaid – ITV1 – 12th May – 6.15pm
Sunday Brunch – Channel 4 – 13th May – 10.00am
This Morning – ITV1 – 14th May – 10.30am
Daybreak – ITV1 – 18th May – 6.00am

Don’t get me wrong there isn’t many programs for pop acts to go on these days but just two TV shows the week the single is out?! Let’s hope they got a bit more radio planned or something as well ….  talking Radio don’t miss the epic Interview Mollie & Frankie gave to Radio 1 this morning in the post below 🙂