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Strictly Come Rochelle, Frankie Returns

Hey all! It’s another happy Monday, right?

We start off with the news over the weekend about Frankie’s imminent return. Obviously there has been a lot of talk about, well everything, to do with the group, from them calling it a day (or not), from more babies, from Rochelle getting sick, and now we have news of Frankie’s return!

If you head over to CapitalFMΒ they have an audio snippet from Vanessa confirming Frankie’s return who is apparently back ‘before Christmas’ the girls play their first of three Christmas Shows this weekend at Free Radio Live in Birmingham so maybe she’s back for these shows? We are live from the event in Birmingham this weekend so keep it here for the latest – yes we do have tickets!

Rochelle is rumoured to be on a Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special, nothing confirmed on that just yet, but just a little rumour that is circulating around the Internet right now. Apparently everything is to be confirmed at 6.30pm this evening. So as soon as we hear anything we will update.

We will also be launching our competition soon to win an official 2014 calendar! More details in the next day or so, just need to tidy up a few things and work out how it can be sent out, as it’s fairly large!

Parker Bridge, Mollie and David reunite

We start off with the news that seems to be dominating this mornings media (slow news day anyone?) that Mollie and David (Gandy) where sitting next to each other at the Tennis Finals at the o2 Arena, London last night. To me whilst being pretty akward for the pair, is a lot to do about nothing, they where obviously guests from some sort of media/agency thing and they kindly made them sit together for a period of time. Anyway a few pictures below of the pair … The Daily Mail has obviously picked the most ‘interesting’ pictures to make it seem a awful lot worse than it probably was, but thats the media for you!

Obviously the other piece of news is that on yesterday’s Paul O’Grady show a picture of Parker Bridge was shown, this was also instagrammed by Frankie, which I’ve added below too πŸ™‚ Remember you can catch the Saxy performance of Disco Love from Paul O’Grady below, plus the acoustic performance of Anywhere With You.

Congratulations Frankie & Wayne

After what seemed to be the longest pregnancy ever, it was confirmed via Frankie’s official twitter that she has finally given birth! The newborn boy, Parker Bridge, was boring this morning (and weighing the same as Aoife Belle, 7lbs 13oz)

Everyone here at The Saturdays Fansite, the people who work on the site, and obviously all our wonderful visitors, send our many congratulations to Frankie and Wayne on the birth of their new baby son!

First Festive Show Confirmed

Hey all! It’s Monday again, and its my birthday week, again …

Anyway, we start the day with the news that our girls are playing the First Direct Arena, Leeds on 1st December. No sadly its not the first date of their new arena tour, it’s part of the 96.3 Radio Aire Christmas Xmas Party Live.

The event is scheduled for 1st December (Which is a Sunday!) Tickets cost between Β£41-Β£30. Other acts so far confirmed Example, The Vamps, Eliza Dolittle and seemingly the girls new long-term support act Conor Maynard.

Hopefully this is the first of a few shows over Xmas, hopefully they will get slots at the big shows in London and Manchester too, be a nice little album promo before the Xmas sales rush!

Apart from that not much else going on, lots of stories about Rochelle’s little accident, but all is well there. Mollie has been at her second home, London Fashion Week, and probably no doubt dancing around her house to the new Britney Spears song that dropped yesterday, and Frankie is still pregnant!

There is also rumours going around that the girls are (again) being lined up for an X-Factor performance. I know after last time (which it didn’t happen, they where seemingly bumped off for Rihanna) a few of us are skeptical. Let’s just wait and see shall we.

The girls hit Alton Towers

You might remember all those many months ago when we announced that Frankie was to become a Mind Ambassador and alongside this a competition was created to spend the day with Frankie at Alton Towers? Well today was that day and a lucky few managed to spend the day with Frankie, Mollie and Vanessa at Alton Towers.

We do hope that the Mind Charity have got what they wanted from this day which was a key exposure for the charity and the good work they do for those suffering from mental illnesses such as depression which obviously our Frankie was treated for πŸ™‚

It’s a boy!! 1

Seems drama unfolded yesterday afternoon as an Interview with Hello Magazine Mollie let slip that the girls where very happy “to meet him” which in term prompted Frankie to head to social networking to confirm the news!

The girls seem to be on holiday again, apparently Mollie has already left the country and has been (unconfirmed I think so far) to be back in the USA, and Rochelle tweeted last night about a holiday, so not bad work this popstar life is it?


Mollie Surgery, Royal Appointment and Frankie!

Last night our very own Mollie dropped into The Surgery on Radio 1 to offer help and advice, you can catch the show below:

Mollie was captured leaving Radio 1 last night in the brightest orange jacket you could possibly think of, as it shines against the gloomy London skyline! I’ve added a few pictures of Mollie below, our gallery will be updated later with some HQs of Mollie leaving Radio 1, so check back later, and our Twitter account for when they are added!

The girls had a royal appointment last week, as they attended the opening of the Marie Curie Cancer Care Hospice in Solihull. You might recall that a year (or so) ago the girls where there laying the first brick of the building of the hospice, so they where invited back last week to attend the full opening of the event – along side the future king of the United Kingdom, Prince Charles. Also in attendance was Una’s other half, Ben! I’ve added a few pictures below of the girls below.

Also in other news Frankie has been in the South of France for some relaxing R&R, we do have to say here on the site that she is looking rather radiant and healthy from the pictures posted, you can check out them below πŸ™‚

Also, not that anyone needed reminding, Gentleman, is released in under a week, remember to pre-order NOW to get Wildfire as a b-side. So far the girls aren’t listed on many TV shows, just Lets Do Lunch with Gio & Mel on ITV1, 12.30pm, on July 3rd. I’ll keep checking the TV Guide and hope that more come on, or their official team tell us soon πŸ™‚ Obviously any videos will be on the site πŸ™‚