Welcome Home girls!

It’s been three exhausting months for the girls, despite a brief trip home in the middle, as the girls finally pack up and leave LA to return home to the UK after filming – and recording songs – for their attack on the US charts in the new year. The girls have been tweeting their messages about coming home, plus it seems Mollie over packed a bit! But either way we are very happy to see the girls return home to the UK and to start gearing up for the single release of ‘What About Us’ in the new year and the album to follow afterwards 🙂

Welcome home girls! 🙂

News Roundup – 18th October 2012

Hi TeamSats! Sorry for the lack of updates recently I’ve had a University exam this week so have been preparing for that, and actually sitting it! Fingers crossed it all went well, should have the result in a couple of months.

I would have love to have come back to a wealth of news, but sadly (unless I’ve missed something) its all quiet. The girls are still in LA recording their new album and are preparing for their first headline show in the US on the 30th October at the Roxy Theatre!

The girls favourite UK media source, the Daily Mail, has seemingly been doing their usual of posting pictures and attempting to create news to go with it, I’ve posted a few of the pictures that they’ve posted up below. I think its fair to say that the girls are looking good and enjoying the weather over in LA!

Also, just in case you’ve not noticed, you can now catch Ego on Lyroke! My top score is a rather pathetic 110,000 so I’m sure you can beat that!!

Life’s a Beach!

Life is a beach when you are a member of The Saturdays! Or at least when its your day off! The girls have been hitting the beach in LA to make us all super jealous when they come back to a late autumn UK! Check out these pictures of the girls as they hit the beach in LA, and learn to catch a wave!

We are fully aware that remixes of ‘What About Us’ have leaked online recently, out of respect for the girls, their management and their label, we won’t be posting these online.


News Roundup – 4th October 2012

Hey TeamSats! Hope everyone is fine and well on this Thursday. We always try to bring you the latest and greatest news from @TheSaturdays but it is still really quiet. As exptected really as the girls continue to record their new album in the USA!

The girls popped into People Magazine yesterday to continue to get their name out there to the US public at large. Expect something from People Magazine soon on the girls!

Last night Mollie and Frankie attended the Justin Bieber concert in LA … make of that what you will. Plus the girls favourite fashion magazine, the Daily Mail, posted a few pictures of the girls walking around LA, I’ve posted these below.

The girls second ever gig in LA takes place tonight in Tigerheat, the girls are due on at around 11pm (or after) which is 7am Friday morning for those in the UK. The new single ‘What About Us’ should get another outing tonight as well. Have an awesome time if you are going tonight!

News Roundup – 1st October 2012

I can’t believe that it’s October already! Where is the time going, it will be Christmas before we know it! Woosh!

Here’s a brief @TheSaturdays roundup, news isn’t terribly exciting as the girls are now back in LA and continuing to record their new album. They’ve spend this weekend working with Diane Warren and The Jam, and Mollie is now an expert on the piano!

The girls favourite news piece – Daily Mail – keeps posting pictures of them, but without much news substance that we already know! I’ve posted a few pictures from the Daily Mail below, our gallery has also been recently updated with the latest pictures of the girls out and about over the last few weeks!

US Rejoices as the girls return!

TeamSats US rejoice as the girls leave the UK and land back in the USA! I’ve added a few pictures from the media below, you can read the usual (boring) reporting from the Daily Mail at the source

Hopefully with the girls landing back in the US – and they are going to be there for a least another 4-5 weeks! We will hear more about the new album, how the recording is going and hopefully a bit more about the new single ‘What About Us’

(Updated) New single news featuring Sean Paul

The first details of the new single have leaked overnight as the girls have filmed the video for it. The only detail that seemingly leaked is that the single is set to feature Sean Paul … No doubt this will bring a huge mixed reaction from the community as a whole. Give us your views on twitter and Facebook.
With a video filmed hopefully it won’t be too long before we all hear it. Thankfully this means the rumour of a new song not before 2013 where wrong! More information as we get it!

Sean Paul has been talking on twitter, and says that as far as he knows, the single is set to be released in January 2013 … seems we might have a little wait afterall!
Source: Sean Paul’s Twitter 

The girls continue their LA excursions

The girls are continuing their LA visit by shopping, relaxing, doing a bit more shopping and recording! Still seems to be a lack of TV cameras around tho, or are the paps just not photographing them!

Here’s a few pictures from OMG Yahoo! who seem to be facinated by the girls legs – and well who can blame them really? Our gallery is being constantly updated with the latest pictures. Keep an eye on the updating thumbnails to the right of this news item, and keep an eye on our Twitter acccount for the latest picture updates!