Una in Women’s Fitness

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Our own Una Foden is the cover girl on Women’s Fitness magazine (out now!) to talk about getting her post-baby body back again, via the Daily Mail:

Una, who is married to rugby star Ben Foden, told the magazine:I’m aware I’m getting a bit older and after having a baby I have to work harder.

‘My abs were the hardest part to tone after pregnancy. My tummy felt like jelly for a while and it’s much more difficult to tone than it used to be.’

However, she added: ‘How you look is the last thing on your mind when you have a baby.’

Una shared her exercise and diet tips with Women’s Fitness.

She said she believes people should not cut out any food groups and that they should keep a food diary as a way of tracking what they are actually eating.

She also recommends filling up on as much fruit and vegetables as possible.

She also explained that when she exercises she is careful to ensure she always warns up and cools down properly so as to avoid damaging her muscles.

She suggests that people wanting a flat stomach try a 20 minute interval session of cardio activity, combined with press-ups, squats and lunges.

Una credits her healthy diet and her sporty childhood for her enviable figure.

She said: I used to swim competitively as a kid. I spent most of my childhood in the water and I also took up athletics at school.’

She added:I love golf and I still walk quite a lot. I’m also into home exercise DVDs.

‘At the moment I love Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred as it’s really intense. It’s perfect for me because, as a mum, it’s difficult for me to get to the gym all the time.

‘Dancing and performing keeps me fit. I don’t have a personal trainer at the moment, but if I was working towards a goal then I’d get one – not just to help me get fit, but to stop me running out of breath when I’m on stage!’

Una also works hard to ensure her diet is healthy.

She told Women’s Fitness:‘I start my day with a probiotic drink as it’s fabulous for digestion. Then I’ll have a banana if I’m on the go, followed by granola with yoghurt.’

For lunch she says she has something light like a chicken and noodle soup with a bread roll.

As for dinner, she said:‘I try to have dinner by 6pm and it’s usually something like roast chicken or baked salmon or cod with broccoli and potatoes. Broccoli is my favourite veg as it’s high in iron.’

Una says she snacks on fruit and vegetables – such as carrots and cucumber – throughout the day.


Vanessa Stops Partying

Vanessa White

Happy Tuesday all! The week is slowly moving on, it will be the weekend soon, and remember, it’s nearly Christmas! I do accept presents 😉

Anyway some proper news, apparently Vanessa is going to stop partying *shock*

Vanessa told the HELLO magazine: “I’d been partying way too much, not taking care of myself and I felt rubbish. We’re all very honest with one another and we will sit each other down and say, ‘This is getting out of control’.

“If I hadn’t had them, it would have been so easy to have gone off the rails and kept up the partying until it became a problem. You need people around you to say, ‘Right, this is too much now,’ and fortunately, I have that.”

The brunette beauty said she started eating more healthily, reining in the nights out and working with a personal trainer three times a week. Vanessa has now dropped a dress size in five months.

She added: “I have a trainer who gets me running, doing squats, lifting weights, and sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe, it’s so hard.

“Afterwards, though, I feel amazing and it’s great when you start seeing the results. I’m never going to have a small bum, but it’s toned now and that makes me happy.”

Spice up your Sats!


Update: Rochelle has confirmed shes set to appear on a new BBC show called ‘Sweat The Small Stuff’ … more details soon (hopefully)

The girls are featuring in InTouch magazine in the USA, of which Rochelle talks about being compaired to the Spice Girls:

Giving her opinion on what she makes of The Saturdays sizing up with the Spice Girls, she said: ‘To be honest, it’s nothing but a compliment!’

But wanting herself and the girls to be known in their own right she added: ‘It’s amazing to be compared to them, but we’re very different.’

Despite claiming that they are different from the Wannabe singers, that didn’t stop Rochelle from handing out names for Vanessa White, Una Healy, Mollie King and Frankie Sandford.

Failing to give herself a nickname, Rochelle quipped: ‘Vanessa would be Party Spice, I’d say Una would be Feisty Spice, Frankie could be Flirty Spice, and Mollie would be Smiley Spice.’

As The Saturdays continue promotion their new reality TV show Chasing The Saturdays, Vanessa did little to rid her party girl title in the interview with In Touch.

Loving life Stateside,’there aren’t enough pubs’, was the only issue White listed the US as she confessed: ‘I get away with a lot.’

Not missing her spot on the dancefloor beside Vanessa, Una said that since giving birth to her little girl Aoife Belle Foden last March she’d had to slow down.

Healy said: ‘I used to be a party person, but having a hangover with a baby is horrible!’

Hoping to break into the US charts the same way boybands One Directions and The Wanted have, Frankie spoke a little about the girls’ relationship with the teen heartthrobs.

Clarifying that they share a family type union, Sandford said: ‘They’re like our brothers.

She joked: ‘When girls are screaming at them, we’re like, “Really?!” They’re just stinky boys to us!’

Source: DailyMail

Also, a lot of people have asked for this, here is the video of Una and Ben on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire that aired last month:

News Roundup – 4th October 2012

Hey TeamSats! Hope everyone is fine and well on this Thursday. We always try to bring you the latest and greatest news from @TheSaturdays but it is still really quiet. As exptected really as the girls continue to record their new album in the USA!

The girls popped into People Magazine yesterday to continue to get their name out there to the US public at large. Expect something from People Magazine soon on the girls!

Last night Mollie and Frankie attended the Justin Bieber concert in LA … make of that what you will. Plus the girls favourite fashion magazine, the Daily Mail, posted a few pictures of the girls walking around LA, I’ve posted these below.

The girls second ever gig in LA takes place tonight in Tigerheat, the girls are due on at around 11pm (or after) which is 7am Friday morning for those in the UK. The new single ‘What About Us’ should get another outing tonight as well. Have an awesome time if you are going tonight!

Rochelle & Marvin Wedding – Part 2

This is the moment that beaming JLS heart throb Marvin Humes married Saturdays beautyRochelle Wiseman – in the showbiz wedding of the year.

Their much talked about wedding took place at Oxfordshire’s grand and historic Blenheim Palace and HELLO! was the only publication invited to the star-studded ceremony and reception.

As a special surprise for the newlyweds, guests including Olly Murs, Alexandra Burke and Marvin and Rochelle’s band mates took to the stage to perform some of the couple’s favourite songs.

The JLS boys and The Saturdays girls joined the 400 guests for the wedding which had a classy ‘black and white’ dress code.

Celebrities at the fairytale affair on Friday, July 27 included Tulisa Contostavlos, Pixie Lott, Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Niall Horan from One Direction, rapper Chipmunk and Blue’s Simon Webbe.

They all partied until 2.30am in a specially erected marquee that had been transformed into a glittering nightclub.

In a world exclusive interview Marvin, 27, relives the moment he first set eyes on his 23-year-old bride in her stunning Vera Wang gown as she walked up the aisle.

“When the music started up and I knew Rochelle had arrived, I was desperate to turn around and look at her. We hadn’t spoken all day and had spent the previous night apart. I’d missed her and I couldn’t wait to see her.

“But so many people had said to me that I shouldn’t turn around – that it was unlucky.

“Then, when I looked to my left and she was there, oh man, she looked unbelievable; more beautiful than I’ve ever seen her look. Her face, her smile, the dress, everything … She was absolutely stunning,” he tells HELLO!

Rochelle, who was given away by football legend Paul Ince, whom she calls her ‘uncle’ in the absence of her natural dad with whom she’s had little contact, changed for the evening’s celebrations into a short Oscar de la Renta design.

And whilst the bride had two dresses, Marvin reveals how he had opted to have two rings – a plain platinum band and a “blinged up” diamond baguette for special occasions.

Rochelle said she was overcome with emotions on her big day telling HELLO!:

“It just hit me, what we were saying to each other. It was all so overwhelming, I couldn’t stop myself from crying.

“I looked at Marvin and his eyes were glassy. I kept thinking he might go too, but he held it down.”

For the full interview get your copy of HELLO!, on sale now.

Source: Hello Magazine

Mollie in Women’s Health Magazine

Our very own Mollie is telling all about how she keeps so fit and healthy in this months Women’s Health Magazine – out 1st August.

As one fifth of pop group The Saturdays, Mollie King has earned herself a reputation as something of a pop princess.

But in a sexy new shoot, the 25-year-old singer has decided to ditch her sweet and innocent appearance for a sexy new look.

Mollie is seen showing off her toned figure in a series of black outfits for the new issue of Women’s Health magazine.

In one shot, the pretty blonde star sports a flowing black dress, but hardens the outfit up with heeled boots and fingerless gloves.

And in another, Mollie shows off her enviably toned legs in a tiny pair of hotpants teamed with a cropped top.

In all the pictures, Mollie is seen with slicked back hair and heavily kohled eyes – a sharp contrast to her usual appearance.

Mollie’s shoot for Women’s Health came as she revealed her fitness secrets to the magazine, insisting that despite her apparently flawless figure, she still finds herself feeling self-conscious when it comes to stripping off.

She said: ‘I’m very self conscious in a bikini and I would never get my tummy out onstage. If I were to choose a part of each of The Saturdays’ bodies to make up the perfect woman, I would take Una’s eyes, Rochelle’s boobs, Frankie’s tummy and Vanessa’s bum. Then my legs – if we have to!’

Mollie added that when it comes to food, she sticks to a relatively healthy diet until it comes to ordering food in.

She said: ‘I eat pretty healthily most of the time but I love takeaways, because I can’t cook, and often eat until I feel sick.’

Mollie added of how she stays slim: ‘I don’t drink and have never been drunk, ever.

‘At some point, I do need to be able to say, “Oh, I know what that hangover feels like, but I haven’t had one yet.” ‘

While Mollie has recently been romantically linked to famous faces including Prince Harry, she said in the interview with Women’s Health that she is still looking for her perfect man.

She said: ‘I love the band; they’re my life. But in ten years time I also hope to have a family. I’m such a girl and already have my baby names planned. Now I just need to find a good man.’

Una and Family in Hello!

Sorry for the delay in posting this, been in Bournemouth for Wave 105 – Live! I’m sure those on our twitter/facebook accounts have seen a couple of pictures that I posted from the event!

Una and Ben and of course baby Aoife appeared in the magazine this week, for an exclusive Interview and adorable pictures of the new family! The magazine is out now to buy in shops, but Hello have published a few pictures and snippets from the article.

The Saturdays star Una Healy and her England rugby star fiancé Ben Foden have given an exclusive interview and photos to HELLO! magazine following the birth of their first child, daughter Aoife Belle Foden.

Speaking for the first time since Aoife’s arrival on March 13, they reveal all about the birth and how the baby has transformed their lives.

And they talk for the first time about a health scare endured when the baby was just 24 hours old.

Besotted new mum Una tells HELLO!: “There hasn’t been a dull moment since she was born, what with the feeding and the changing and the visitors and the hours we spend just gazing at her, taking in every little expression.

“During the night, I’ll wake up, even when she’s sound asleep, and sneak a peek.

“She’ll be lying there, with her tiny hands up by her face – she’s so ladylike – and my heart could burst with love for her.”

In the interview, Ben reveals that he cried when he met his daughter for the first time.

“I’m not one to blub, but I did well up the first time I set eyes on her,” he says. “Mainly, though, I just felt really, really excited.”

“I’m usually really laid back, but when Aoife was being lifted out, I really couldn’t contain myself.

“I couldn’t wait to hold her. I felt a bit bad because I just kind of abandoned Una and went rushing over. I cut the umbilical cord and that was really special.”

But the couple also revealed that their tiny daughter had a health scare just 24 hours after being born.

“Aoife had some fluid stuck in her lungs and when we fed her, she kept bringing it up, but on this occasion it was forcefully. Then she started choking and was holding her breath,” explains Ben.
“We went into panic and pushed the emergency button and the next thing we knew, our baby was whisked away and there were alarm bells ringing and staff running around.”

“I was screaming,” adds Una. “It was the worst moment of my life. There’s this precious little person who you would die for and you just can’t bear to think of anything happening to her.”

Thankfully, the fluid was released and Aoife was fine.

To read more of the interview, including what Una’s bandmates bought for the baby, her thoughts on losing the pregnancy weight and the inspiration behind Aoife’s traditional Irish name, pick up the latest copy of HELLO!, out now.

Source: Hello Magazine

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