Mollie in Women’s Health Magazine

Our very own Mollie is telling all about how she keeps so fit and healthy in this months Women’s Health Magazine – out 1st August.

As one fifth of pop group The Saturdays, Mollie King has earned herself a reputation as something of a pop princess.

But in a sexy new shoot, the 25-year-old singer has decided to ditch her sweet and innocent appearance for a sexy new look.

Mollie is seen showing off her toned figure in a series of black outfits for the new issue of Women’s Health magazine.

In one shot, the pretty blonde star sports a flowing black dress, but hardens the outfit up with heeled boots and fingerless gloves.

And in another, Mollie shows off her enviably toned legs in a tiny pair of hotpants teamed with a cropped top.

In all the pictures, Mollie is seen with slicked back hair and heavily kohled eyes – a sharp contrast to her usual appearance.

Mollie’s shoot for Women’s Health came as she revealed her fitness secrets to the magazine, insisting that despite her apparently flawless figure, she still finds herself feeling self-conscious when it comes to stripping off.

She said: ‘I’m very self conscious in a bikini and I would never get my tummy out onstage. If I were to choose a part of each of The Saturdays’ bodies to make up the perfect woman, I would take Una’s eyes, Rochelle’s boobs, Frankie’s tummy and Vanessa’s bum. Then my legs – if we have to!’

Mollie added that when it comes to food, she sticks to a relatively healthy diet until it comes to ordering food in.

She said: ‘I eat pretty healthily most of the time but I love takeaways, because I can’t cook, and often eat until I feel sick.’

Mollie added of how she stays slim: ‘I don’t drink and have never been drunk, ever.

‘At some point, I do need to be able to say, “Oh, I know what that hangover feels like, but I haven’t had one yet.” ‘

While Mollie has recently been romantically linked to famous faces including Prince Harry, she said in the interview with Women’s Health that she is still looking for her perfect man.

She said: ‘I love the band; they’re my life. But in ten years time I also hope to have a family. I’m such a girl and already have my baby names planned. Now I just need to find a good man.’

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