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News Update – 24th September 2012

Hi all, just a quick update. I know site updates have been a bit slow recently this is due to having a Uni deadline (17th), my birthday (18th), a birthday weekend over this weekend in sunny Manchester plus on top of all this I’m also preparing for my exam on 16th October *panic* but now I have no coursework left to do the updates should be more regular! šŸ™‚

Not too much to report, the girls had their book signing last week in Birmingham, those who attended seemingly had an awesome time! The girls are heading back to the USA later this week to continue their attack on the US charts and also record their ‘new sounding’ album.

Firstly, this appeared last week, this is the girls interview with Young Hollywood!

Here’s another video of the girls talking about their attempts at breaking the USA!

This and that plus vote Mollie!

To say its a tad quiet (on the news front) is an understatement right now, it’s not unexpected tho. The media are just publishing pictures of the girls as they wander around LA doing their US thing, all the pictures are being added constantly to our galleryĀ and everytime that is updated you can find out from checking the thumbnails to the right or follow us on Twitter @TheSatsCoUk where you will be notified of the updates the second that they happen. The gallery also has an RSS feed you can subscribe to to see the updates etc. Also as I said before I work in a school so August is my summer holidays so I’ve also been taking a break from the site, luckily it has seemingly coincided with the girls going to LA so not much is being missed, unless you like pictures!

The latestĀ rumblingsĀ from the media in the UK is all very uneventful and not really news-site-worthy unless you believe that ‘news’ is the girls posting pictures ofĀ themselvesĀ on twitter/instagram without make-up on!! I know news is slow, seriously, but journalists are being paid to write this stuff!

If you are bored, and dreading going back to school in a few weeks – or if you are in Scotland I believe you might be back this week! – make sure you vote for Mollie in the 2012 It’s Me Choice Awards. She won last year and the voting this year is a little different as you don’t have to spam twitter, you just need to fill in a form on the Dyslexia Action website. Check out our older post here on how to vote. Remember you can vote more than once and you have to do it by 26th August!Ā 

Hopefully the girls US plans will kick into action soon so we have more exciting stuff to report! Until then keep checking out the gallery for the latest pictures of the girls out and about in the USA!

News Roundup – 19th January

It’s not too exciting in the world of @TheSaturdays right now .. unless you are an fan of random news bits that appear here and there. Here’s a little round up of what the Internet is talking about with The Saturdays.

Firstly, as we can tell from the girls, they are in the recording studio. Rochelle in the past has said that girls where due to hit the studio in january to start recording songs for the follow up to ‘On Your Radar’ – so this obviously sees to be the case. There are a lot of rumours circulating that the girls might re-release the album, or even ‘Greatest Hits’ is being touted due to Una’s child and she obviously wants to spend time with her kid. I guess we will see what will happen but either way media reports of the girls demise are way off the mark!

Secondly, the media seem to be in love with Frankie’s brand new Ā£135k car. Have to say for someone that doesn’t play Football, Mr Bridge is getting an awful lot of money from Manchester City – do they have more money then sense?!

Una had a bit of a fainting episode – don’t panic, all is fine! She has tweeted that all is well. But it seems some media outlets are making the most of the news item!

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