News Roundup – 19th January

It’s not too exciting in the world of @TheSaturdays right now .. unless you are an fan of random news bits that appear here and there. Here’s a little round up of what the Internet is talking about with The Saturdays.

Firstly, as we can tell from the girls, they are in the recording studio. Rochelle in the past has said that girls where due to hit the studio in january to start recording songs for the follow up to ‘On Your Radar’ – so this obviously sees to be the case. There are a lot of rumours circulating that the girls might re-release the album, or even ‘Greatest Hits’ is being touted due to Una’s child and she obviously wants to spend time with her kid. I guess we will see what will happen but either way media reports of the girls demise are way off the mark!

Secondly, the media seem to be in love with Frankie’s brand new £135k car. Have to say for someone that doesn’t play Football, Mr Bridge is getting an awful lot of money from Manchester City – do they have more money then sense?!

Una had a bit of a fainting episode – don’t panic, all is fine! She has tweeted that all is well. But it seems some media outlets are making the most of the news item!

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