It’s a boy!! 1

Seems drama unfolded yesterday afternoon as an Interview with Hello Magazine Mollie let slip that the girls where very happy “to meet him” which in term prompted Frankie to head to social networking to confirm the news!

The girls seem to be on holiday again, apparently Mollie has already left the country and has been (unconfirmed I think so far) to be back in the USA, and Rochelle tweeted last night about a holiday, so not bad work this popstar life is it?


Big Weekend, Frankie goes shopping

Hey all! Hope those in the UK enjoyed the long weekend, all back to work today, in which – in typical UK style – seems to be the last nice weather day for a few days!

As we all sit and wait to hear when Gentleman will get its UK radio premiere, the girls have been added to this years ‘BBC Radio 1’ big weekend. The girls are set to perform on the Saturday (of course!) , this year the event takes place in Derry, Londonderry between 24th-26th May. The event has no tickets left, as the majorty of tickets are ballotted to local residents. But don’t panic the entire weekend is going to be shown across the BBC, on TV, radio and of course online. We will also have the girls performances on the site too πŸ™‚

Below I’ve added some pictures from the news of her shopping for wedding dresses the other day!

Merry Christmas from the Humes!

Here’s a lovely early christmas presents from Rochelle and Marvin!

Our newly expecting couple posted these to her Instagram account a few days ago! I’m sure it will be an lovely time in the Humes household this Christmas as the couple prepare for their first child together. All together now awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


Whatever the weather ….

… well its has been bad in the UK over the last few days. Hope those in the South West and the Midlands aren’t too wet!

As for our favourite girl group, it’s all gone a little quiet again after the huge annoucement that was Rochelle’s pregnancy. The couple have been photographed walking around (see below) but thats about as exciting it has got!

The girls played their first UK concert over the weekend since their return to the UK. They played at the roundhouse in London over the weekend for the ‘Rays Of Sunshine’ charity. Unless I’m loosing my eyesight a bit there doesn’t seem to be too much news from it. If I find anything I’ll update this news item πŸ™‚

Una and the terribly adorable Aoife have been making waves in the water too! You can check out some of the adorable pictures below. Aoife is far far too cute – well it can’t be too shocking look at her parents! πŸ™‚

Also this seems to have slipped under the radar, (get it!) anyway the Daily Mail seems to be reporting that Mollie has ‘confirmed’ that she was dating Prince Harry, make of it what you will ….

Mollie King of girl band The Saturdays has finally admitted to dating Prince Harry – after denying it for months.

β€˜Yes, I’ve met Harry and we did go out,’ says Mollie, 25, who confirmed they dated last summer.

Mollie is now enjoying the single life but adds: β€˜I would like a boyfriend in 2013 but only if he is Mr Right. Every girl should wait for the right man.’

The Saturdays have been focusing on breaking into America. At the launch of the SuperTrash store in London last week, Mollie, left, told me: β€˜It would be amazing to do a film like Spice World.

A film crew has been following us around as we try to crack the States.’

Rochelle announces pregnancy!

The babies continue to come! Huge congratulations to Rochelle and Marvin whom have taken to twitter to confirm (what many) have might have expected for a while πŸ™‚

Posted to twitter: (Via RochelleTheSats)

I wanted to be the first to tell you…we have some exciting news to share!
Marvin and I could NOT be more thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first child mid next year.
We have always dreamt of being parents and the news is the best early Christmas present we could have asked for.
I know Marvin is going to be a great dad and we’re so excited to start a family.
Thanks for all of your support and lots of love,
Rochelle x


Huge congratulations to the couple from everyone here at The Saturdays Fansite! πŸ™‚ x

Benuna’s baby is a …

Una Healy has revealed the sex of her baby.

And it seems that her bandmates could be in for some competition.

She’s having a little girl.

The Saturdays singer found out the gender of her little one at a 20-week scan and has announced the news to Hello! magazine.

She said: “I come from a family of girls, I went to an all-girls school and I’m in a girl band, so I guess it’s fitting that I’m having a daughter.”

The Saturdays’ All Fired Up tour starts next month and, although Una admitted that she will be swapping her heels for flats after a scary fall recently, she can’t wait to get going.

She said: “I’ve been quite surprised that people have said, ‘How will you do this tour?’ Naturally I’ll be careful and I’d never do anything that would put our baby at risk. But I’m pregnant, not ill.”

She added: “Loads of women continue to work through their pregnancies and this is my job, so why wouldn’t I carry on doing what I love – especially when I feel so well.”

Her super-hot rugby player boyfriend also said in the interview that although the baby wasn’t planned, they’re both chuffed to bits.

He said: “We weren’t trying for a baby.

“But we’d talked about starting a family and we’re in a loving and committed relationship, so it wasn’t a massive shock. I was over the moon. I plan on spending the rest of my life with Una.”

The full Interview is available in Hello magazine, which is out in shops today!

Source: Sky Living