The Saturdays star is hoping to be BFFs with Queen B…

The Saturdays star Una Healy has spoken exclusively to MTV News about her pregnancy, confessing her bundle of joy is due around the same time as Beyoncé’s baby.

As we previously reported, the All Fired Up singer confirmed last week that she was expecting her first child with boyfriend, rugby player Ben Foden, stating they are “over the moon” at the prospect of becoming parents.

We caught up with Una and the rest of the girls at the Arthurs Day celebrations in Dublin, where Healy admitted her baby is due on bandmate Rochelle’s birthday, as well as close to when Queen B’s first tot will enter the world.

When asked about her mini Saturday, the 29-year old told us: “Yeah, he’s in there! No one believes me because I’m not showing yet. Actually, the baby is due on Rochelle’s birthday.”

Rochelle interrupted: “Yeah, the baby is due on my birthday, so don’t you think that he or she should be called Rochelle or if it’s a boy, just Rocket or something…?!”

Speaking of being due the same time as Bey, Una revealed: “She’s a month older than me as well. I thought she was about to be a mum ahead of me, so we’re kind of having babies around the same time in our lives…so I was like: Oh, she might be a BFF.”

As for the rest of The Saturdays chipping in to help babysit once the sixth Saturday arrives, the girls claimed they are “fighting each other” for the job!

Source: MTV UK

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Update: Una has confirmed this news via Twitter 🙂

Yes the news is true! @ben_foden and I are expecting a baby BenUna! We are both very excited xx

Everyone here at The Saturdays Fansite sends their congratulations to @unahealy and Ben Foden on the announcement that Una and Ben are expecting their first child, the news was broken by the Daily Mirror last night and has been picked up by the media throughout the night.

The “delighted” 29-year-old rushed home on Wednesday night to break the happy news to her mammy and daddy in County Tipperary (it’s a long way, but she had to do it).

The Irish beauty says: “I’m really happy! It was totally unexpected, but me and Ben are really excited.”

Ben is currently on the other side of the world, touring New Zealand with the England rugby team for the World Cup.

He celebrated the announcement with team-mates including Mike Tindall and Jonny Wilkinson at their hotel in Queenstown.

As for Una’s bandmates, they are made up.

The girls said last night: “We’re so excited for Una! We can’t wait to have a sixth Saturday.

“Ben and Una are going to be fab parents!”

The singer will reach the three-month mark next week, and has undergone regular hospital check-ups to ensure the baby is healthy – although she doesn’t yet know the sex.

Una has shelved plans to celebrate her 30th birthday with Ben in New Zealand next month, as she’s worried about the effect the long-haul flight might have on her and the little ‘un.

The couple have been dating since November 2008 and Ben, 26, revealed in March that he planned to pop the question over the coming months.

He said: “We’ve been discussing marriage for some time. It will happen and I want lots of children.” A friend said: “All the girls are absolutely overjoyed for Una – they can’t wait to meet the first Saturday baby!

“He or she is going to have four very excited aunties when they arrive in late March.

“All of Una’s family are really supportive, too. She was overwhelmed by the response when she went home.

“Ben’s delighted. He’s looking forward to celebrating fully with Una when the World Cup is over.”

Una returns to the UK to perform with the band on Friday.

A pal says she will continue with their schedule as planned, “right up until she’s fit to burst”.

The Saturdays will be promoting their forthcoming album and completing their All Fired Up tour, which kicks off in December.

Although Una’s skimpy outfits might have to be let out a little….

Source:  The Mirror
Vanessa on Twitter:
Soo excited about @unahealy having a lil buba what an amazing mum she will be! Can’t wait xx