2013, a reflection.

I sometimes post these (personal) reflections to the site, and sometimes I don’t, but as I feel 2013 was an interesting year I’ve decided to post an abridged version. Please note this is my personal view, you might agree, or disagree with it. That’s fine, it’s not supposed to start flame wars or twitter battles, it’s just one fan’s opinion.

I think its fair to say that 2013 was a mixed year for the group, it came with great promise (and success) initially, then they split the community, then brought it back, then came the album ….

Obviously the start of the year was all about ‘What About Us’ and when it’s UK release finally happened in March 2013, the girls shifted 114,000 copies (the biggest one week sales of the time) and gave the girls their first number one. There was great excitement ahead. The girls obviously followed this up with ‘Gentleman’ which I still to this date, believe it was the RIGHT thing to attempt to do. There are many complaints that the group doesn’t connect with the public at whole, so they decided to change it and try something different. This ultimately failed, but I am probably one of the few people who was actually glad to see them try something different. The issue with Gentleman is ultimately more down to its lyrics (yes, you know the ones) and THAT video which was a little disappointing wasn’t it?

This didn’t really stop the girls, they still performed at major summer shows, on the main stage at V Festival, plus several headlining shows across the summer from  Scarborough in the far North East down to the Bluewater Shopping Centre in Kent.

Disco Love was released, which saw the girls return to their more known-pop routes which was followed by the album ‘Living For The Weekend’ which despite being a pretty decent release, it’s lack of decent promotion and follow up to it’s release has seen it struggle to sell only 20,000 copies and fall off the UK Album Chart – although they aren’t alone as many pop albums released in the last few months have suffered the same fate.

What does 2014 bring? I know over Christmas there has been (unnecessary fuss) over the 2014 Tour. We all know its been coming and dates will be announced shortly. I’ve always seen it as an Autumn/Winter 2014 tour anyway – but we shall see. Rumours recently have suggested that another single from the album is showing up on release schedules. Not Giving Up is being touted to be released (right now) in March.

If people ask me what 2014 will bring, I’m on the side that a Greatest Hits (or even maybe a ‘Singles Collection’) sort of album will be released, and therefore a tour will be named the same, which will include the usual 3-4 new songs to go with it. It’s very similar to what Girls Aloud did mid-career, and it seems The Saturdays are going down a similar route. I might be way off the ball park, but people ask what I feel and this is what I feel.

I’ll end by saying thank you to all of the girls, this year we managed to get all 5 girls to follow us on twitter, and also will like to say thank you to Adam, Sarah (and Peter, although we’ve yet to meet) at Fascination Management who have been great to us this year, and hopefully we can continue together (in a way) in 2014 too!

Happy New Year to all our visitors, old and new, we celebrate our 6th Birthday in April, which is amazing!

30 Days: First review & premiere

UPDATE: The FIRST play is on BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show, TOMORROW MORNING at 7.55am ….. (via @WeLovePop on twitter)

The guys over at @PopJustice have given 30 days their review, give it a read below. Importantly the release date is now May 14th and gets its first play TOMORROW MORNING between 8.30-9.00am. LincsFM are saying they are playing it first, I’m sure the likes of Capital and Rado 1 won’t be too far behind! Here’s PopJustice’s take:

We’ve been hammering the new Saturdays single over the last couple of weeks. It’s a song about waiting to have a kiss and a cuddle. The chorus goes “thirty days to us, oh-hoah-oh, thirty days to love, oh-hoah-oh”.

The “oh-hoah-oh” bits are what this song is all about, to be honest.

“Oh-hoah-oh” might be the best sound (EXCEPT ALL OF ‘ALL FIRED UP’) that The Saturdays have ever made.

Many centuries from now when the dust has settled on the 2002-2018 girlband era and the history of the 21st century is being written it may well be noted that “oh-hoah-oh” is The Saturdays’ answer to Girls Aloud’s ‘Call The Shots’ “oh-ooh-oh-ooh-oh” Jimmy Savile moment.

The other key part of ’30 Days’ is a drum fill that sounds a bit like someone throwing a potato into a bin from across the room. We wanted to feature a one-second clip of the potato-in-the-bin bit but we weren’t allowed because apparently the one second clip would fuck up the coming-very-soon-indeed first radio play. It is a shame because we like it a lot. You will hear it soon enough though.

The rest of the song – a rather upbeat raveular sort of pop blowout with a little more sparkle and subtlety than a couple of the band’s more recent tunes – kind of drapes itself around the oh-hoah-oh and potato moments, and drape itself it does rather well.

It’s out on May 14 and it sounds extremely good when the sun is out.

On a scale of 1-10 how excited are you? Leave a comment 🙂

Digitalspy Review: ”Headlines!”

“I’m doing nothing / ‘Cause then at least I’m doing nothing wrong.” A lyric which evidently doesn’t describe The Saturdays’ work ethic. Two albums, six top ten singles, their own TV show, book, jewellery line… it’s all go for Una and co. Headlines! arrives just ten months after the group’s second album, Wordshaker, failed to do the business sales-wise, despite peaking at a very respectable number nine on the charts. Abandoning their sophomore set, the ladies have instead opted to release this “mini-album” featuring tracks that they couldn’t bear to hang onto for their next full-length long-player. Was it worth the effort? Hell yes!

Sitting next to Wordshaker singles ‘Ego’ and ‘Forever Is Over’ is the eight-track set’s own trailer track, ‘Missing You’. It’s hard to knock a ballad with a dance routine and, after a few spins, its chorus implants itself in your brain no matter how much you claim to dislike it at first. However, as enjoyable as ‘Missing You’ is, after hearing several of the other newbies here it’s tough not to wonder, ‘Just who chooses this group’s lead singles?’

So, what should have launched Headlines!? Well, that would be the group’s recently confirmed next single. Move over ‘Up’, shift along ‘Ego’, for there’s a new Sats classic in town. The synth-laden ‘Higher’ has become an instant fan fave following recent live performances and, thanks to its infectious chorus and super-sassy lyrics, it’s not hard to see why. Una Healy’s middle 8 isn’t quite as thrilling on record as it is on stage, but don’t let the ill-advised use of Auto-Tune spoil this moment of close-to pop perfection.

Also nestling among the new tracks is ‘Died In Your Eyes’, originally recorded by US pop upstart Kristinia DeBarge. Though few are likely to realise that it’s a cover – poor Kristinia! – it’s a shame that one of Headlines!‘ five new songs turns out to be second-hand. That said, it’s still a decent Tedderish pop ballad with lyrics that prove The Saturdays can “do” vulnerable when they want to.

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News Round-Up

With the release of “Up” just around the corner, the girls have been doing interviews and talking with the press as part of their promotion. Here are quick bites and links to read up on the latest on the girls.

The Saturdays: X Factor girl bands can’t compare to us []

The Saturdays’ winning formula has already found fans in the press with Sunday Times Culture declaring them “fantastic, stroppy disco” while Popjustice hailed them as ‘very excellent’ and Perez Hilton blogged ‘pure pop heaven… our latest obsession’. read more

The Saturdays – Up []

The storming new single Up is released through Fascination records. Once again The Saturdays deliver an addictive pop anthem with a chorus that explodes. read more

NEW RELEASES MIA, Secretsundaze, The Saturdays []

REVIEW: MORE sugary pop from the latest girl band on the block, and further proof that you need more than a neon mini skirt and glossy production to shift records these days. read more

The Saturdays Open up on Playboy []

Despite constant comparisons to GIRLS ALOUD, THE SATURDAYS deserve to be in a league of their own. Mollie, Rochelle, Frankie, Una and Vanessa are not only gorgeous, but genuine too. The quintet sizzle with chemistry and are enjoying every second of the limelight since being catapulted to of the girls’ inteview on the page read more

The Saturdays ‘Up’ Used On New Ugly Betty Commercial []

The Saturdays are thrilled and “honoured” that their next single ‘Up’ has been used in a U.S trailer for Ugly Betty. read more

Music Review on Soldier Magazine

The Saturdays

The Saturdays

IF you’re a bloke who’s just flicked onto the music pages after having a good laugh at Chris Waitt’s expense in the movie reviews, you will know never to underestimate a woman.

Tempting though it might be to dismiss the quintet of gorgeous babes known as The Saturdays as the latest batch of models who can’t hold a note, you will do so at your peril. The fivesome are quality musicians and talented singers with brains enough to more than match their beauty.

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