The Saturday Reviews: “Forever Is Over”!

Forever Is Over

Welcome to the new season of The Saturday Reviews! Check out several after the jump!

“Forever Is Over” is the talk of the blogs! Look at some excerpts of some reviews below. Click on them if you want to read them.

It’s true that they’re bland, it comes with a lot of girl groups while they’re still finding their feet, but the brilliant thing about them is that the best thing about the whole Saturdays package is the music.” – The Chemistry Is Dead

It may not be the instant gratification that was Chasing Lights, it’s true, but overall, Wordshaker proves itself to be much more sonically cohesive.” – Melismatic

As with most Saturdays’ stuff, it’s good rather than great and despite the potential of five gorgeous girls with decent voices, fails wholeheartedly to try anything new.” – Teen Today

The girls need to make a sound that’s distinctly them and they need to steer away but not clear of what their first album offered.” – Pop Reviews Now

Watch this page for more reviews as they arrive!

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