News Pieces – 17th September 2012

Firstly sorry for the lack of updates recently, juggling the site, University work and life can get a bit taxing at times and as you can probably understand the website comes last in that list of three so has suffered a bit recently, but here’s an update to say everything is good and well!

Tomorrow see’s my birthday .. so all gifts, cards, presents are accepted and trying to steal the limelight from that 😉 our girls are in Birmingham – on the rare occasion that I’m seemingly not there – signing copies of their new calendar! So if you are in the area make sure you pop along and mention that it’s my birthday – they should know who I am 😉 … then again …

The girls are back in the UK for a bit, catching up with friends and family, then they head back over to the US to continue to get their name out there. Still no real news when we will hear the single properly, and if we are going to have to wait until November (or so) until it appears in the UK (thinking of a early January release here ..)

Those who applied to help the site with US news, I’ve not forgotten, contact should be made at some point this week! Just been very very busy recently.

I’ll update the site soon with the latest bits and pieces, and expecting a few presents tomorrow! 😉

Calling Birmingham Fans!

You lucky Birmingham fans! @TheSaturdays are making a rare appearance in the UK on 18th September – which is also my birthday *hint hint* – and are signing copies of the new 2013 calendar in Birmingham! The signing takes place at 5pm at the HMV Birmingham at The Fort. So if you are going and you want to get me a lovely birthday present ….

[Updatedx2] Gallery Updates

Added some more pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Headlines Signing Session in Manchester:
the_saturdays_2963450.jpg 110.png 13%7E0.png

Mollie leaving the Mahiki nightclub in London on the 17th August

gallery_enlarged-mollie-king-saturdays-singer-15.jpg gallery_enlarged-mollie-king-saturdays-singer-13.jpg gallery_enlarged-mollie-king-saturdays-singer-12.jpg

Update – Added some pictures of the girls arriving in LA
article-1305627-0AE535C1000005DC-706_224x608.jpg article-1305627-0AE53581000005DC-363_468x645.jpg article-1305627-0AE52F05000005DC-345_468x783.jpg article-1305627-0AE4324C000005DC-731_468x479.jpg

Issy – despite having a break – pointed out these pictures to me so I’ve added them, Thanks Issy 🙂

sat5.jpg SAT1.jpg sat3.jpg