[Updatedx2] Gallery Updates

Added some more pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Headlines Signing Session in Manchester:
the_saturdays_2963450.jpg 110.png 13%7E0.png

Mollie leaving the Mahiki nightclub in London on the 17th August

gallery_enlarged-mollie-king-saturdays-singer-15.jpg gallery_enlarged-mollie-king-saturdays-singer-13.jpg gallery_enlarged-mollie-king-saturdays-singer-12.jpg

Update – Added some pictures of the girls arriving in LA
article-1305627-0AE535C1000005DC-706_224x608.jpg article-1305627-0AE53581000005DC-363_468x645.jpg article-1305627-0AE52F05000005DC-345_468x783.jpg article-1305627-0AE4324C000005DC-731_468x479.jpg

Issy – despite having a break – pointed out these pictures to me so I’ve added them, Thanks Issy 🙂

sat5.jpg SAT1.jpg sat3.jpg

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