Rumours here and there


Reminder that Rochelle is on The Great Sport Relief Bake-off which is on BBC Two TONIGHT at 8pm. The video will be on the site either later tonight, or early tomorrow morning for those who can’t see it, promise 🙂


Yesterday afternoon – I mean seriously afternoon, I had tickets, but work must come first – Mollie was joined by the rest of the girls to film her appearance on ITV’s ‘The Cube’, for those asking there is no airdate for this yet, it could be months and months away yet.

The reason for this post (and after nearly 6 years, If you’ve been here since day one, I’m not the person to post rumours or internet talk) but I feel its worth a discussion for those away from the (bad) world of Twitter.

Apparently those who went down last night asked the girls about the tour, the answer seemingly seemed to be ‘we don’t know’ and ‘nothing has been decided yet’ and other various comments along those lines.

Make of this what you will, but common sense suggests that maybe the form of ‘Living For The Weekend’ has caused someone to sit back and go ‘wait up here’. We all know that the girls are a singles group (more than an album group) – If you don’t get what I’m saying, basically they generally sell more singles than albums, and do better that way. But I’d would be shocked if someone at their label didn’t go ‘wait the album did what now’ and I do wonder if this is the case here. That seemingly the girls and their management want a tour, but the money holders are going ‘wait up, we can’t tour off the back of this album, its too risky.’ Obviously I’m not ‘in the know’ and if you are and reading this, drop us an e-mail!

Your guess is as good as mine, but for now we are seemingly in a state of limbo. We have no confirmed single news, we seemingly now won’t get a tour announcement anytime soon either. I still feel we will get a SINGLE at least in the next few months, be it something reworked/remixed from Living For The Weekend and used as a lead into a Greatest Hits (Seems more likely after the comments last night, be cheaper to release, minimal recording costs) and a Greatest Hits Tour … who knows. You are free to conspire with us over on our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Away from music the girls are doing pretty good, Mollie is heading up various charities, and doing The Cube. Obviously Una and Rochelle are great parents, and doing their own TV work, Frankie is still a new mum so she’s got enough on her plate and Vanessa seems to be well enjoying life (which is great, right?!) I just think we are all getting a bit bugged down waiting for something that might be a while off, so please also take a lead from the girls and enjoy life too, we will all be here as soon as a sniff of an announcement takes place 😉

All Fired Up, SO CLOSE to number 1 … 2

@thesaturdays are currently ONLY 1,200 copies behind Pixie Lott for Number One … please everyone get buying, make everyone buy it, download it from iTunes, PLUS download the Remix BundleAmazon MP3, 7Digital etc if your mobile phone has a download, download it via there – it all counts. PLUS pop down to your local HMV, pick up a CD, that counts, order the Vinyl from The Saturdays Store, etc. it ALL COUNTS

To make it Clear: TO INCREASE sales of the single buy ALL FIRED UP as an INDIVIDUAL song. So download the single version on its own, then hit iTunes and download the remixes ONE BY ONE – yes I know it costs more, but 1 Bundle sale = 1 sale. 5 remixes in the bundle, download them INDIVIDUALLY = 5 sales for All Fired Up … we know that costs more, but this will INCREASE sales so much. Then pop over to Amazon, download it there, pop over to 7Digital, download it there. If everyone who visited this site did that we’d help the cause no end!  Keep on buying everyone! WE CAN DO THIS! 

The girls are slipping on iTunes now, down to number 3, but The Saturdays are one of the few acts that still sell a good amount of CDs, lets not let what has happened in the past, keep buying, promo the downloads to everyone, friends, family, the pets!

Come on teamsats, WE CAN DO THIS!!

Update: Apparently Ladykiller is number 27 and I Need A Dollar is 34 … please combine the sales Universal (or something!!) they would be number one (probably) if the sales where combined! We’ll see if the label fixes this by tomorrow …. but still its going to be a tough week Pixie is selling well, so KEEP BUYING!!