All Fired Up, SO CLOSE to number 1 …

@thesaturdays are currently ONLY 1,200 copies behind Pixie Lott for Number One … please everyone get buying, make everyone buy it, download it from iTunes, PLUS download the Remix BundleAmazon MP3, 7Digital etc if your mobile phone has a download, download it via there – it all counts. PLUS pop down to your local HMV, pick up a CD, that counts, order the Vinyl from The Saturdays Store, etc. it ALL COUNTS

To make it Clear: TO INCREASE sales of the single buy ALL FIRED UP as an INDIVIDUAL song. So download the single version on its own, then hit iTunes and download the remixes ONE BY ONE – yes I know it costs more, but 1 Bundle sale = 1 sale. 5 remixes in the bundle, download them INDIVIDUALLY = 5 sales for All Fired Up … we know that costs more, but this will INCREASE sales so much. Then pop over to Amazon, download it there, pop over to 7Digital, download it there. If everyone who visited this site did that we’d help the cause no end!  Keep on buying everyone! WE CAN DO THIS! 

The girls are slipping on iTunes now, down to number 3, but The Saturdays are one of the few acts that still sell a good amount of CDs, lets not let what has happened in the past, keep buying, promo the downloads to everyone, friends, family, the pets!

Come on teamsats, WE CAN DO THIS!!

Update: Apparently Ladykiller is number 27 and I Need A Dollar is 34 … please combine the sales Universal (or something!!) they would be number one (probably) if the sales where combined! We’ll see if the label fixes this by tomorrow …. but still its going to be a tough week Pixie is selling well, so KEEP BUYING!!

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