Wednesday Chart Update: Outside Top 10

@thesaturdays have dropped to number 12 on the Wednesday chart update! We need to keep buying everyone, I’m sure we can make Top 10 if we spread the word and get more people buying! I know the album is out in a matter of days, and its tempting not to buy the single but if everyone just bought the one song for under £1 I’m sure we can get it back into the Top 10!

My Heart Takes Over – iTunes (£1.99)
My Heart Takes Over – Amazon MP3 (£1.69)
My Heart Takes Over (Radio Remixes) – Amazon MP3 – £1.99
My Heart Takes Over (Radio Remixes) – iTunes – £2.49
My Heart Takes Over – Club Remixes – Amazon MP3 – £5.34
My Heart Takes Over – Club Remixes – iTunes – £5.94

Tuesday Chart Update

@thesaturdays are currently sitting at Number 9 on the UK Singles chart with their new single ‘My Heart Takes Over’, this doesn’t mean we can sit there and be all happy, it is only Tuesday and we still haven’t got the single inside the Top 10 on iTunes just yet (it’s currently number 13) ..

So make sure you keep buying the single, the links below take you directly to iTunes and Amazon. Remember that downloading each song INDIVIDUALLY counts as 1 sale (rather than the bundle) so if you like a couple of remixes, buy those remixes one at a time rather than the whole album, you’ll give the girls more sales.

Those on Vodafone can also buy the single from their phone – 99p – by texting MUSIC to 97613.

Come on TeamSats lets work together to keep this single in the Top 10!!

My Heart Takes Over – iTunes (£1.99)
My Heart Takes Over – Amazon MP3 (£1.69)
My Heart Takes Over (Radio Remixes) – Amazon MP3 – £1.99
My Heart Takes Over (Radio Remixes) – iTunes – £2.49
My Heart Takes Over – Club Remixes – Amazon MP3 – £5.34
My Heart Takes Over – Club Remixes – iTunes – £5.94

Gallery News and Updates

As it’s all going quiet in the world of The Saturdays as the girls have their well earned Christmas break, I thought I’d post a site update.

I thought I’d just update everyone on our gallery situation. We’ve decided to move away from Coppermine which was causing a number of problems in adding pictures to the site, and moved to one which is integrated into WordPress. We aren’t removing the old gallery so you can still view the pictures from that gallery, but all the new pictures are being added to the new one.

You can view both galleries from the link above, the latest pictures that we add are always viewable in the side bar to the right >>

We’ve stopped posting news items when we add gallery items, I did ask what people preferred in the chatbox, but no-one replied. If you like it when I add pictures to post something on the news then leave a comment in this news item 🙂

Talking pictures, I have added over 300 pictures in the last few days, so pop into the gallery and check them out 🙂

Also remember that if you get LOTS of new Saturdays stuff for Christmas, make sure you enter our competition. We are giving away TICKETS to the forthcoming tour, and also a MEET AND GREET package to meet the girls backstage! Don’t miss your chance to win!!! Details are above, just click the graphic 🙂

Gallery Updates

Right! Time for some gallery news, as you know we loved our gallery – so much so – that we’ve moved to a WordPress setup now. We’re not removing the old gallery and its still accessible but new pictures will now be posted to our new gallery 🙂 I’ve added a bunch of performance pictures from the last couple of weeks for your viewing pleasure, so please enjoy them 🙂

I’ve added pictures from The Jingle Bell Ball in London & Manchester, BRMB 2010 and T4 Stars of 2010 plus some pictures of them arriving at a London Hotel in early December.

We hope the new gallery wlll make it easier for us to add pictures to the site, so more updates should occur 🙂

Video Pages

I know, I know … the video pages are a right old mess. Videos don’t work, some do, some are missing etc etc. Panic no more, I shall be spending some of my time over this coming weekend to get them up to shape and all working again, it will take some effort and will probably take most of the weekend, but I hope by Sunday – as long as you’ve not eaten all those chocolate eggs – those videos which are missing will be replaced with brand new ones that actually play when you click play (shocking I know!)

I’ll update when all the videos are back online, but if you take a sneaky look over the weekend on the media pages you will (slowly) see them all coming back to life … 😀

Chart Update: “Work” Moves Up Chart, Barely.


Good/Bad/Depends on How You Take It News:

In the midweek charts (according to Digital Spy), the single is in the #25 – #30 range. This could mean a 1 – 5 spot chart jump. Not very impressive by The Sats standards.

Good/Wonderful/Amazing News:

These results are based on legal digital downloads alone. The official, physical release is on June 29th, 2009. Which means…(Drum roll)…We should expect higher numbers when the actual single debuts.

Wanna buy the single? Go pre-order it now* at Amazon.com here.

*By “now”, I mean on Monday because if you buy this week, it doesn’t count on the charts.