Site News

This is news about the site itself.

Result of the first ever poll

We sneakily put up a poll last week asking for your favourite @TheSaturdays, the poll is now closed and the results are in!

1. Frankie (57 Votes)
2. All of them (46 votes)
3. Mollie (42 votes)
4. Una (19 votes)
5. Vanessa (16 votes)
6. Rochelle (15 votes)

It’s just for fun! Don’t get too upset if your favourite member is near the bottom! We’ve created the next poll, choose your favourite single from Chasing Lights! Get voting, you have a week 🙂

Superfan Competition has ended … have you entered? 1

The competition we’ve been running along side group and their record label has now ended. Did you enter your entry to be The Saturdays ultimate superfan?

We’ve seen a few of the entires from visitors and they’ve all been excellent, and varied, now the tough decision is with the girls, who will they pick to be their superfan for each tour stop?

We aren’t sure when the winners are set to be announced, but as soon as we hear we shall let you know 🙂

Good luck to all those who entered 🙂

Update: Apparently people are already getting e-mails if they have won, I was not aware of this. So if you have won, congratulations 🙂

Tour Projects

We’ve had a few requests from other sites to help them out with their tour projects, of which we are glad to assist with 🙂

Our new elite affiliates at MollieKingDaily are doing a tour project for Mollie, if you are a huge Mollie fan please pop over to their site and catch the details. Their project closes on 1st February 🙂

Also Frankie Germany are also doing a tour project, so if you are a International Saturdays fan pop over there for that tour project 🙂 Again you have until the end of this month 🙂

If you are running a tour project and want us to increase exposure for your project then feel free to drop us an e-mail at and we’ll be glad to help 🙂

Our own site is gearing up for the forthcoming tour, we would love to share your own personal tour reviews, share your pictures, videos anything. More details will be coming soon 🙂 Those with an eagle eye will have noticed that our tour section is already starting to shape up 🙂

Site Updates and more

Firstly, again, happy birthday to @FrankieTheSats 🙂

Secondly a boring type of post to bring everyone up to date on what is going on around here. As some of you might have noticed we are having a 2011 clean. The side bar to the right has been rejigged a bit – and a few more rejigging will occur throughout this weekend, hopefully making your experience a little bit better 🙂

Secondly we are re-jigging the site around. The About Us section has already seen a facelift, we are also actively seeking sites who want to be linked back to us. These can be small personal blog sites or tumblr accounts that people work hard on 🙂 We are (also) accepting Elite affiliates. If you need convincing we are the highest ranked Saturdays fansite on Google UK Search, we’ve been online since March 2008, and as you know we run competitions in association with the group, their record label and their management. The site has been lacking links to other sites that work as hard as we do, so this is something I am putting right now 🙂 If you are interested in sharing a link, or top affiliates check the link on the right hand side, or drop us an e-mail on and we can discuss it further 🙂

I run another site and the fighting between sites is something I hate, we are all online and are all sharing the common purpose of promoting the group, we need to be together in supporting the group, not fighting against each other, remember its all #teamsats 🙂

We will also be launching updated sections over the coming week, I’ll keep everyone updated on these and and when they are ready 🙂

Reminder that you only have a few days left to enter the Superfan competition. This is seperate to the facebook competition remember, and entries MUST be in by the 19th January

Superfan Competition – Time is running out

It’s all quiet in the world of The Saturdays as the girls are hard at work getting the tour ready – its all starting very soon, keep an eye on the site for some exciting new features coming soon 🙂

But don’t forget our competition to meet the girls backstage at the show of YOUR choice. You only have until next WEDNESDAY (19th January) to enter, so be quick! You can view all the details by clicking on the superfan competition link to the right of this news story.

New to team 1

Hello everyone! So I’m a new face for team, which I’m really excited about! My name’s Claire, I’m a massive fan of The Saturdays (obviously!), but I have a huge love of music in general from Demi Lovato to Nine Inch Nails, I’m always at gigs, am completely obsessed with fashion and a total night owl.

I’m going to be helping with the gallery, there’s not much been happening with The Saturdays since they’ve been on a break for the holidays, but now they’re back together and with tour just a month away, there’ll hopefully be lots more pics of the girls soon. I’ve just added pictures of Una from New Year’s night so check them out in the photos section now!

Can’t wait to bring you all more,

Claire 🙂

Headlines Tour – Site Visitors Meet & Greet

A few other sites are doing this too, maybe we can all join up in a big #teamsats meet up.

Sadly tho, we are only in attendance at the London show, although if we could get tickets we could squeeze in the Brighton show too, obviously if people wanted to meet up there etc. Be a pointless trip otherwise!

If we can’t pull this off, we might ask some other sites who are doing this if they are willing to combine, I’m sure many people visit lots of sites anyway, so its not like this is an exclusive event 🙂

This is NOT a meet and greet with the girls, this is a teamsats get together before the London show in Hammersmith on the 17th February, friends, parents, sister, brothers everyone is welcome, not sure what or where we’d meet or what we’d even do, but I’m trying to gain numbers of those who would be interested in doing something.

We are meeting the girls at the London gig, so if we are allowed to give them presents/gifts/your messages then we will obviously do so 🙂 We’d clear this with their management/label first as well, so if you cannot win our competition we might still be able to give your presents directly to the girls 🙂 A good reason to bump into us before hand.

We’ll work out details later, but we would like to work out numbers etc. So if you would be interested in this drop us a message on twitter @TheSatsCoUK or drop me an e-mail on and we’ll see what sort of numbers of people are interested 🙂

Your favourite site, re-jigging a bit

On the eve of the girls at tonights Capital Jingle Bell Ball – yes we are in attendance in block 112, say hi if you are around there 🙂 Videos from tonight will be put on the site, probably before I get back, thanks to Marit 🙂 So keep checking back this evening for ALL the goss at the JBB. I will also be tweeting LIVE from the event so follow us @TheSatsCoUk

I come to you with site news which I never wanted to bring to you.

First things first is that we aren’t closing, we aren’t stopping, we’re not going on hiatus etc.

As those who have been here from the start know, we had five wonderful people working on this site, and recently this has been reduced to just 3. Emily has disappeared, we cannot contact her, or she just doesn’t want to be contacted, so until she contacts us – if she ever well again – we have to assume she’s not coming back.

Secondly it brings me great great great sadness to announce that Issy has left the site. She’s been battling some personal daemons, not that you would have noticed from her cool exterior, but has sadly decided that she can no longer come online and help out with the site. Despite this also being a great loss for the site, both myself and Marit have lost a close personal friend as well. It’s been a difficult morning.

Issy was our gallery queen, and we’ve lost someone who brought an awful lot to this site. Now don’t panic, as I said we aren’t going anywhere, we just might need a bit of time in the next few weeks to rejig some responsibilities and maybe bring in some fresh faces.

If you feel you could bring something to this site, be it posting news, gallery updates, finding news etc. then please drop us an e-mail on and we will look through the applications that we receive. This is your chance to work with us, the site that exclusively gives you competitions to meet the girls backstage on tour 🙂

We’re not going anywhere, we just might need some time to re-jig everything and get back up to full speed 🙂