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On the eve of the girls at tonights Capital Jingle Bell Ball – yes we are in attendance in block 112, say hi if you are around there 🙂 Videos from tonight will be put on the site, probably before I get back, thanks to Marit 🙂 So keep checking back this evening for ALL the goss at the JBB. I will also be tweeting LIVE from the event so follow us @TheSatsCoUk

I come to you with site news which I never wanted to bring to you.

First things first is that we aren’t closing, we aren’t stopping, we’re not going on hiatus etc.

As those who have been here from the start know, we had five wonderful people working on this site, and recently this has been reduced to just 3. Emily has disappeared, we cannot contact her, or she just doesn’t want to be contacted, so until she contacts us – if she ever well again – we have to assume she’s not coming back.

Secondly it brings me great great great sadness to announce that Issy has left the site. She’s been battling some personal daemons, not that you would have noticed from her cool exterior, but has sadly decided that she can no longer come online and help out with the site. Despite this also being a great loss for the site, both myself and Marit have lost a close personal friend as well. It’s been a difficult morning.

Issy was our gallery queen, and we’ve lost someone who brought an awful lot to this site. Now don’t panic, as I said we aren’t going anywhere, we just might need a bit of time in the next few weeks to rejig some responsibilities and maybe bring in some fresh faces.

If you feel you could bring something to this site, be it posting news, gallery updates, finding news etc. then please drop us an e-mail on [email protected] and we will look through the applications that we receive. This is your chance to work with us, the site that exclusively gives you competitions to meet the girls backstage on tour 🙂

We’re not going anywhere, we just might need some time to re-jig everything and get back up to full speed 🙂

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