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Site Notice regarding this weekends TV

Hey all! Just a notice regarding this weekends television. The girls are set to hit Saturday TV to promote 30 Days – released Sunday. The girls are set to be on:

Saturday: Gaydar Radio – Interview – between 10am-2pm
Saturday: Britain’s Got More Talent – ITV2 – 9.00pm
Sunday: Sunday Brunch – Channel 4 – 10.00am

Update: I think the official site got the dates wrong, Keith Lemon Lemonaid is NEXT Saturday (19th) at 6.15pm according to my TV Guide. My TV Guide only shows them on Sunday Brunch this weekend … so I guess the debut TV performance is on This Morning on Monday? Correct me if I’m wrong here. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am out this weekend celebrating my girlfriends birthday in Manchester – for those who aren’t aware I live in London – and I will be without access to a computer from Saturday evening until I get home late on Sunday. Videos might have to wait until Monday when the girls are also on This Morning, so Monday might be a bumper video day for everyone who missed the girls or just want to watch it again and again. I’ll keep everyone up-to-date via Twitter and Facebook.

Happy Birthday to Us!

@TheSaturdays Another year has gone by, it’s yet again 7th April which means two things. It’s my sisters birthday and it’s also OUR birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

Amazingly this website is 4 years old today, we officially launched on 7th April 2008. To put this into a bit of perspective:

14th May 2008: Official site launches (or near to that date anyway!)
27th July 2008: If This Is Love released

For those who have recently joined us, we launched in 2008 after we heard about The Saturdays – even way before the site launched – thanks to our wonderful S Club 8 community. The site was pulled together via the forum community and we launched and well the rest is history. Obviously we wouldn’t be here without YOU – the visitor – who keeps coming back to see what we have to offer and what we have to post. You can always drop us a message viaย Twitterย andย Facebookย and some other social media places, check out the icons at the top of the page and if you are a member join us – we don’t bite ๐Ÿ™‚

We also thank the girls of The Saturdays. Mollie has recently followed the site on twitter, we thank them all personally, plus the girls management and their team at Universal/Polydor music. All these members, including the girls, have been ultra supportive of the site throughout the years and we long hope this continues for the lifespan of the site – and the girls of course. ๐Ÿ˜€

Without the support of the visitors and the girls and the team that surrounds them we wouldn’t be here 4 years on. We thank each and every one of your individually, and hopefully we and the girls will still be here for years to come!

ย – The Saturdays Fansite Team

I also personally want to thank EVERYONE who has helped this site over the last few years. There are too many to mention but you know who you are, be it the current team or those who helped the site when it first started. Without any of you we wouldn’t be here today. So huge thanks to every single one of you!ย 

Last year we had a tweet from @TheSaturdays it seems this year they’ve put us in the mailer! If you get the weekly e-mail look out for us there!! Thanks @TheSaturdays and their team this is AMAZING ๐Ÿ˜€


Site News

Whilst we have to wait another ’30 Days’ (or something) – or what seems to be – for news on the new Saturdays single, we are having a bit of a shifty around here to bring you the best from The Saturdays Fansite and our just-as-awesome sister site PCDWorldย (and Steps fans should also pop over to our other sister sister GenerationSTEPSย @GenSTEPS)

After three years of service, we’ve decided that it’s better time spent for Marit to keep on top of PCDWorld – those on you who follow us on twitter will know that Mollie recently followed us on @TheSatsCoUk but our sister site @PCDWorld can say that all ex-members of the Pussycat Dolls, yes including Nicole – are following that twitter account, so any PCD and/or Nicole fans can do no wrong in following @PCDWorld and bookmarking the website! Don’t burst out in floods of tears! Marit isn’t completely leaving the site, she will still be involved in keeping our extensive media pages in check but the day-to-day responsbility of updating the site is now fully my responsbility. We obviously thank Marit for all the help with posting news items and everything else over the years! ๐Ÿ™‚

Please don’t panic, the site isn’t changing or closing or anything of the kind. I will update as here as normal, Marit will keep the video pages in check and Claire continues to update our galleryย the team is still the same, just the responsiblities are changing. We believe ultimately this will give you the best possible The Saturdays & Pussycat Dolls (which is mainly Nicole these days) experience!

We believe in being transparent with our visitors, which is why we have posted this annoucement so you know what is going on.

Welcome to the New Look!

As you might have noticed we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you this wonderful new look to The Saturdays Fansite. As you can tell its a major change from our previous look, and brings us right up to date and ready to support the girls through the new single, album, tour releases and of course the new member of the group from mum-to-be Una.

Huge thanks goes out to our design team over at Pixels Arc for developing and working on this new look, as you will all no doubt agree, the site is looking stunning :). Got any features you want to see on the site? Comment and tell us below.

Update (5:14 am) : We just fixed a major error in the styling of the website. You should now be seeing the new version. If you aren’t, please clear your cache. Thank you.

Update (4:41 am) : Not all comment forms on every page work. Please wait for this functionality to return completely. Thank you.

Happy Birthday to …. 1

Today is the birthday of fellow site member Marit @marito_dorito, who turns a whopping 19 years old today! I hope you all join me in wishing her a wonderful happy birthday!

Have a great day Marit! ๐Ÿ™‚

Site Updates 1

You wouldn’t think that @TheSaturdays even have a single out with how quiet it is on the promotional front …. but here’s a few site tidbits. As you can probably see we’ve not managed to get our new look site online just yet, but it will be coming soon – promise! You can still view the gallery here and the rest of the site is still fully operating the videos can be viewed here etc etc. We will hopefully have the new site up and running soon, as soon as the girls restart their promo I guess!

– The Saturdays Fansite team.

Site News 1

As we’ve had a few questions about this, I’ll do a quick news item. The site looks a little of centre for a temporary amount of time, hopefully not for long, this is because we are doing a bit of work behind the scenes. I won’t say too much but hopefully you can all see the results very soon! Until then make sure you keep downloading Notorious, its out NOW, and sits currently at number 8 on iTunes!

Remember Notorious is OUT NOW – Click here to purchase from iTunes!
You can also buy it from Amazon MP3 – BOTH tracks for JUST 1.19!! Buy buy buy!