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Whilst we have to wait another ’30 Days’ (or something) – or what seems to be – for news on the new Saturdays single, we are having a bit of a shifty around here to bring you the best from The Saturdays Fansite and our just-as-awesome sister site PCDWorld (and Steps fans should also pop over to our other sister sister GenerationSTEPS @GenSTEPS)

After three years of service, we’ve decided that it’s better time spent for Marit to keep on top of PCDWorld – those on you who follow us on twitter will know that Mollie recently followed us on @TheSatsCoUk but our sister site @PCDWorld can say that all ex-members of the Pussycat Dolls, yes including Nicole – are following that twitter account, so any PCD and/or Nicole fans can do no wrong in following @PCDWorld and bookmarking the website! Don’t burst out in floods of tears! Marit isn’t completely leaving the site, she will still be involved in keeping our extensive media pages in check but the day-to-day responsbility of updating the site is now fully my responsbility. We obviously thank Marit for all the help with posting news items and everything else over the years! 🙂

Please don’t panic, the site isn’t changing or closing or anything of the kind. I will update as here as normal, Marit will keep the video pages in check and Claire continues to update our gallery the team is still the same, just the responsiblities are changing. We believe ultimately this will give you the best possible The Saturdays & Pussycat Dolls (which is mainly Nicole these days) experience!

We believe in being transparent with our visitors, which is why we have posted this annoucement so you know what is going on.

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