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Mollie King’s ‘Rough’ Disguise

The Saturdays singer Mollie King disguises herself in public by not wearing make-up and ”looking rough”.

Mollie King goes out looking “rough” so she doesn’t get recognised.

The Saturdays singer admits she adopts “risky” tactics to go out in public unnoticed, but it is a form of disguise some of her other bandmates have also adopted.

She explained: “What I tend to do is go out looking absolutely rough and people think it can’t possibly be me. It’s a risky game though.”

Una Healy added: “I always go out without make-up on and I’ll wear a hat to cover up as much as possible – but the odd person will always catch you out.”

Mollie also admitted she was completely clueless about taking care of her appearance when she first joined the band, but was helped out by the rest of the group.

She told Now magazine: “I remember when we first went on tour, supporting Girls Aloud, I didn’t know anything about make-up.

“I’d put on a bit of concealer and Vaseline and carry a bar of soap with me in some Tupperware.

“Rochelle [Wiseman] was like, ‘What are you doing? Don’t you know about cleanse, tone and moisturise?’ ”

Source: ContactMusic

‘On Your Radar’ – OUT NOW!!

The AMAZING @thesaturdays new album On Your Radar is FINALLY out. It’s a VERY busy week for new albums, someone called Rihanna is releasing an album, and One Direction are also out. So it’s going to be tough, but we can do this? Surely TeamSats?!

Cover of 'On Your Radar'.
On Your Radar – is now available for you download from iTunes!! So fire up iTunes and grab that album that you pre-ordered, and well if you didn’t go buy buy buy it now!! Also support the girls in every way possible, you can pop into your local HMV and pick up a copy, or get over to the HMV Website and order a physical copy of the album there and those with a bit more money can pick up the Exclusive Fan Edition from the Universal Store so get buying, or plead with parents to buy you a copy or Christmas, it’s a great album, so really worth your money 🙂

01. All Fired Up
02. Notorious
03. Faster
04. My Heart Takes Over
05. Get Ready, Get Set
06. The Way You Watch Me (Feat. Travie McCoy)
07. For Myself
08. Do What You Want With Me
09. Promise Me
10. Wish I Didn’t Know
11. White Lies
12. Last Call
13. I Say OK
14. Move On U
15. On Your Radar – The Making of the Album (*iTunes Only)
16. Notorious (Music Video) (*iTunes Only)
17. All Fired Up (Music Video) (*iTunes Only)
18. My Heart Takes Over (Music Video) (*iTunes Only)

My Heart Takes Over Chart Position & Xtra Factor

@thesaturdays brand new single My Heart Takes Over debuts in the UK Singles chart this week at Number 15. It’s sadly their first single not to debut inside the UK Top 10 since the release of Work back in the summer of 2009. You can still buy the single to support it, and remember the new album On Your Radar is out in a matter of hours!!

The girls where supposedly appearing on the Xtra Factor tonight to perform My Heart Takes Over and no doubt get a last bit of promo in for the album – which is released very shortly – and now it seems they aren’t …. We’ll see how this develops … no doubt we’ll find out soon enough to why it didn’t happen!

Album Chart Show Special

Had enough videos? Didn’t think so! @thesaturdays appeared on their Album Chart Show special this morning on Channel4. The show contains the songs, Notorious, All Fired Up, My Heart Takes Over and the new album track Faster.

Album Chart Show Special

Part 1 – includes performance of Notorious & My Heart Takes Over

Part 2 – includes performance of Faster & All Fired Up

We will break up the performances into individual clips for your enjoyment ASAP but for now enjoy the whole show 🙂

Missed yesterdays TV? Don’t panic, click here to see the girls – including Frankie – performing on Children In Need, click here for the CBBC show, and click here for Loose Women.

The BRAND NEW ALBUM ‘On Your Radar’ is out in Ireland NOW and is released in the rest of the UK – THIS MONDAY – pre order your album NOW from iTunes

Children In Need – 18th November 3

The STUNNING @thesaturdays with @FrankieTheSats 😀 continued their assault on Friday night television, and appear on this evenings BBC Children In Need appeal!
If you missed the girls have a chat, and perform My Heart Takes Over on Loose Women, don’t panic you can view them here!! 

My Heart Takes Over

It’s not over yet! 11.20am on Saturday is the Album Chart Show special which includes the first TV performance of Faster!

The AWESOME new album ‘On Your Radar’ is out NOW in Ireland and out in the UK very soon. The current single ‘My Heart Takes Over’ is OUT NOW so make sure you buy that too!

Loose Women – 18th November 1

@thesaturdays kicked off their marathon TV this Friday by appearing on ITV’s Loose Women this lunchtime, you can catch the videos below:

My Heart Takes Over


It’s a busy day, the girls are also on CBBC at 6pm (This was recorded in the summer) plus they are on Children In Need this evening at around 11.30pm. Tomorrow is the Album Chart Show special, the AWESOME new album ‘On Your Radar’ is out NOW in Ireland and out in the UK very soon. The current single ‘My Heart Takes Over’ is OUT NOW so make sure you buy that too!

Friday TV

@thesaturdays are hitting three TV shows today to promote the forthcoming (already out in Ireland) album ‘On Your Radar’ and current single ‘My Heart Takes Over’

12.30pm – ITV1 – Loose Women
6.00pm – CBBC – Sam & Mark’s Big Friday Wind Up
11.30pm – BBC1 – Children In Need

Please note that I’ll be at work during Loose Women so the video is likely to be on the site after 4pm, the other videos will be on as soon as I can physically get them online.

Common sense suggests that ‘On Your Radar’ is floating around online right now, we are obviously a fan site for the group, if you are here looking for download links you are in the wrong place.