Mollie King’s ‘Rough’ Disguise

The Saturdays singer Mollie King disguises herself in public by not wearing make-up and ”looking rough”.

Mollie King goes out looking “rough” so she doesn’t get recognised.

The Saturdays singer admits she adopts “risky” tactics to go out in public unnoticed, but it is a form of disguise some of her other bandmates have also adopted.

She explained: “What I tend to do is go out looking absolutely rough and people think it can’t possibly be me. It’s a risky game though.”

Una Healy added: “I always go out without make-up on and I’ll wear a hat to cover up as much as possible – but the odd person will always catch you out.”

Mollie also admitted she was completely clueless about taking care of her appearance when she first joined the band, but was helped out by the rest of the group.

She told Now magazine: “I remember when we first went on tour, supporting Girls Aloud, I didn’t know anything about make-up.

“I’d put on a bit of concealer and Vaseline and carry a bar of soap with me in some Tupperware.

“Rochelle [Wiseman] was like, ‘What are you doing? Don’t you know about cleanse, tone and moisturise?’ ”

Source: ContactMusic

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