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@thesaturdays brand new album, On Your Radar sadly enters the UK Album Chart this week at number 23.

As fans all we can do now, is to keep promoting the group, hopefully the forthcoming tour will keep the girls in the media throughout December. Remember over Christmas sales of albums are very high, as people buy them for presents. An album at number 30 could be selling as much as an album at number 10 across the summer. I think our next task as a group of fans is to try and keep the album inside the UK Top 40 throughout December, if its actually sitting in prominent places in stores like HMV and high up in iTunes people will keep buying. Also where possible make sure you leave positive reviews of the album, be it on iTunes, Amazon, HMV etc. A few positive reviews might get those who are 50/50 about buying it to pick up a copy. Chart placement is one thing, actual sales of the album is another. Don’t believe the false stories around in the media, they are about to embark on a pretty large Arena Tour, and if you compare them to the likes of other girl bands out there such as Wonderland and more recently Parade, who failed to go even Top 100 with their album last week, it could be a lot worse. Yes its far from ideal, we all know that, but it’s also something really not worrying about. It’s up to the groups management, and record label to get their thinking hats on and reverse the misfortune. It’s our job as fans to support the group, and that includes the bad times as well as the good!

Just ignore the haters, and the bad reviews, we are better than those people, and support the girls with their new album, and obviously their forthcoming tour that kicks off this Friday 😀

4 thoughts on “‘On Your Radar’ charts at ..”

  1. Sad news. Although Wonderland’s album debuted inside the Top10.

    I’m very excited for the tour and hopefully they’ll hang around the Top40 until the end of the year. However I can’t see this happening.

  2. Yup! Sorry you are right about Wonderland, they went number 8, I knew that too, I just wrote the article a bit wrong. It’s now been corrected and reads how it should have originally read 🙂

  3. It still sounds like Wonderland’s album didn’t go top 100. TBH writing about the other girl groups doesn’t help The Sats case, it reads as if you are slagging them off, I’m sure you don’t mean it in that way, but it’s how it comes across and when Wonderlands album did well it doesn’t really make sense for the article.

    BTW I agree with the rest of it, sales are more important, hopefully people who see them on tour buy the album as clearly a lot haven’t yet. Shame as the album is really good. I hope they don’t give up on it and actually promote it. 🙁

  4. Noo, I’m not slagging any other band off, thats not my style. I’m just saying that if you look at how The Saturdays have done in comparison to other girl bands whom are/where out there they are still doing very well. 23 isn’t good at all, but it could be an awful lot worse. Acts such as Parade, Fanfare etc. are struggling to get a foot hold at all in the UK charts right now, the ‘girl band’ market isn’t really UK friendly at present. Wonderland might have had a Top 10 album, but their singles entered at 144, and 57. It’s all swings and roundabouts. MHTO did go Top 20 and the album did go Top 30 and in relation to the other girl groups out there right now, although we all want the girls to do better, they aren’t doing THAT bad.
    I’m sure Parade would have killed for a number 23 album a week ago!!!

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