Friday Chart Update

Not sure I want to post this but @thesaturdays brand new album On Your Radar has dropped even further from eariler in the week. We have seen it peak at number 15 but it has now sadly dropped further to a rather lower number 20 :/

I know there is this anti-pop vibe floating around, but this really is starting to look like our girls are beginning to alienate people with this new album – for whatever reason. We hope when the tour kicks off next Friday that the girls can get down to what they are known for – doing great Live shows – and that will give the album a much needed boost.

Remember to get everyone you know to buy the album, lets hope it doesn’t slip further before Sunday’s chart is announced.

2 thoughts on “Friday Chart Update”

  1. There is no anti pop vine, the entire chart is pop right now. And atop being so dramatic about the chart position. It’s sales that matter. If the sales are horrible, then we have cause to be worried.

  2. Thats not totally true. Look at the album chart last week there is only one ‘true pop’ act in the Top 10 – JLS and there are only 5 in the whole of the Top 20.
    The rest can’t really be classed as boy bands, or girl groups, or solo pop acts that where dominating the charts 18 months or so ago. Either people’s tastes have dramatically changed or The Saturdays have ailenated the UK buying public.

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