‘On Your Radar’ – OUT NOW!!

The AMAZING @thesaturdays new album On Your Radar is FINALLY out. It’s a VERY busy week for new albums, someone called Rihanna is releasing an album, and One Direction are also out. So it’s going to be tough, but we can do this? Surely TeamSats?!

Cover of 'On Your Radar'.
On Your Radar – is now available for you download from iTunes!! So fire up iTunes and grab that album that you pre-ordered, and well if you didn’t go buy buy buy it now!! Also support the girls in every way possible, you can pop into your local HMV and pick up a copy, or get over to the HMV Website and order a physical copy of the album there and those with a bit more money can pick up the Exclusive Fan Edition from the Universal Store so get buying, or plead with parents to buy you a copy or Christmas, it’s a great album, so really worth your money 🙂

01. All Fired Up
02. Notorious
03. Faster
04. My Heart Takes Over
05. Get Ready, Get Set
06. The Way You Watch Me (Feat. Travie McCoy)
07. For Myself
08. Do What You Want With Me
09. Promise Me
10. Wish I Didn’t Know
11. White Lies
12. Last Call
13. I Say OK
14. Move On U
15. On Your Radar – The Making of the Album (*iTunes Only)
16. Notorious (Music Video) (*iTunes Only)
17. All Fired Up (Music Video) (*iTunes Only)
18. My Heart Takes Over (Music Video) (*iTunes Only)

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