Tuesday Chart Update

Seems @thesaturdays are also suffering in this ‘Anti Established Pop’ acts vibe that is running through the UK charts right now. It seems unless you name is Rihanna or you are a ‘boy band’ finding sales is difficult. Even Pixie Lott – who if you remember beat our girls to number one – only just managed to go Top 20 with her album last week!

The Tuesday chart update places On Your Radar at a rather lowly 16. Which is amazing if you think that they are about to set off on a fairly large arena tour, but are struggling to sell albums. I understand Christmas is coming up and many fans might have asked for the album as a present so people aren’t buying this week, but still number 16 isn’t that great …

The plus is that it is only Tuesday. Lots of time still to buy the album. Pop over to our friendly iTunes store and download a copy. Plus obviously you can now pop into your local music store such as HMV and pick up a copy or three. Plus also get your friends to buy a copy – its a good album its worth a listen!

Let’s try and get it nearer the Top 10 than the Top 20!!

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