Rochelle: ‘ovarian cyst caused weight gain’

@RochelleTheSats has been talking about her weight loss/gain to the media.

Rochelle Wiseman was the subject of much tabloid attention when she appeared earlier in 2011 having lost weight.

Now the Saturdays singer has revealed she had just returned to her normal size after gaining weight in 2010 because of a health problem.

The star told New! magazine: “I had an operation at the start of last year. I had a cyst on my ovary and it made me put on a lot of weight.”

“I went a full dress size bigger – from a size 8 up to a 10, maybe even a 12. Everyone thinks I’ve tried to lose weight, but I genuinely haven’t.”

Rochelle received criticism about her fuller figure at the time but took to Twitter to have a go at the online bullies who called her fat.

She tweeted: “I’m really getting annoyed reading that people are calling me fat! I’m a size 10 not 100! I’m human and curvy get over it! It’s boring!”

“I’m just starting to get sick of it!!! No wonder people get a complex!! I think it’s a disgrace!!”

“As a band we take pride in being role models to children and other young girls and I think that the best role model is someone who is comfortable in their own skin! And I am.”

Source: AOL

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