Number One

Fusion Festival


Our girls have been added to a new summer festival taking place over the weekend of August 31st-September 1st at Cofton Park, Birmingham.

Our girls are set to perform on the Sunday – 1st September – which is due to be headlined by Ne-Yo. Other acts on the Sunday include The Wanted, Conor Maynard, Wretch 32 and James Arthur. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 9am, costing between £35-£55 for a day ticket and £90-95 for a weekend ticket to take in both days.

Also our own Una has become a online blogger for Hello Magazine, of which her first blog will be online this Friday 🙂

The girls finally fly over to mainland Europe today, to the traditional stop of Germany. Hopefully the girls can make a name for theirselves in Germany and then (usually) that success flows over the borders to other places such as Belgium, Holland, Spain, Italy etc. then they will become a known name in Europe, so *fingers crossed* any new UK Tour will become a fully-fledged European one! 🙂

We will bring you all the updates from across Europe as we find it, but if you live in Germany and notice we miss something please send it over to us via e-mail ( or via our twitter @TheSatsCoUk and we will post it on the site 🙂

What About Us .. Tuesday Update

Hey all! It’s Tuesday (Just in case you have forgotten) but today will mean we will get a sales/chart update around mid-morning. As most in the UK will know Ant & Dec’s performance of their 1994 single ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’ has taken iTunes by storm and as of posting this (9.10am) its a good 27% ahead of What About Us on the singles iTunes chart. Obviously this doesn’t count sales of What About Us from remixes, the newly released version on iTunes without Sean Paul and EP sales. I was hoping that Ant & Dec would suffer sales from midweek onwards, but once the UK sees a ‘jokey’ number one everyone jumps on the bandwagon! We will see what the damage is later this morning. Either way its still good for everyone to promote What About Us!

Last night (boohoo) saw the LAST Episode of Chasing The Saturdays air on E! in the USA, Season 2, according to various reports is still being debated upon, but as usual here’s the final analysis after-show video:

Here are a few more pictures of the girls after celebrating their number one single, What About Us! I will hopefully get a gallery update soon with some new HQ pictures, keep an eye on our twitter @TheSatsCoUk for updates to our gallery!

Monday Roundup – Number One!

The news today is all about The Saturdays grabbing their first UK number one, and in the process becoming the biggest selling one week single of 2013! I’m sure you are all still bouncing as much as we are. The plus is all this positive news and media for the girls means we are still doing great on iTunes on our 8th day, but we have been overtaken at number one by a 1994 song from PJ & Duncan (Ant & Dec) as they performed it on TV on Saturday, but maybe their sales will tail off as the week goes on! Either way if you’ve not bought What About Us, now is a good of as a time than any!

I think this sums up everyone last night:

Thanks Mollie!

Lots of people asking what is next for the girls, simply put they aren’t really stopping. Their sights are now on other markets and can now actually go to these markets and say ‘We’ve had a number one in the UK’ the near future the girls are performing in the UK, heading to Australia and obviously a little closer to home to mainland Europe, world domination is only a stones throw away.

But until then lets try and reclaim number one on iTunes shall we?

The girls perform at G-A-Y

Last night the girls hit the stage at London’s G-A-Y (to celebrate) their upcoming chart topper ‘What About Us’. Rochelle has confirmed that this was her last performance with the girls for a while as she prepares to give birth (so we will let her off!) you can check out a few pictures of the girls performing below, be warned, some aren’t wearing much!

KISSFM Interview

What About Us has sold over 87,000 copies between Sunday and Thursday and looks set to break the 100,000 mark this week, which is awesome, so if you’ve not bought it, or not got those remixes yet, please please buy them before 11.59pm on Saturday night to count for this weeks chart 😀

Yesterday Mollie and Vanessa when to KISS FM to answer your questions, keep watching and you might hear a name that you might recognise 😉

What About Us Chart Update and more!

we are NUMBER ONE in the midweeks and by a whopping margin of 34,000. What About Us has sold just over 65,000 copies, number one is basically in the bag, the idea now is to push sales past 100,000. So don’t let up, buy those remixes, buy those CDs from the official store, buy from iTunes and Amazon MP3 and LETS DO THIS!

We start with the news that ‘What About Us’ is currently topping the charts in the early sales. Unofficial news claims the girls where over 30,000 copies ahead of Justin Timberlake in the early sales data, now if this is true we should – in theory – have little to worry about. Obviously those who are checking iTunes data will see that Justin is clawing back at their lead (It’s now under 40%) but at this rate it would take Justin another 24-48 hours to overtake them, which would only leave him a couple of days (at the most) to eat into their lead, which if they have a lead of 30,000+ would seem impossible to overturn.

Obviously none of this is confirmed (yet), Radio 1 do their ‘chart update’ this afternoon which should confirm that the girls are currently heading for the Top, but obviously a lot can happen between now and Saturday, so its important that we keep on buying, pick up a remix (or two) or just buy the song again from Amazon, every little helps! All the purchase links are on the right, simply click and buy! More chart information as we get it 🙂 Plus tune into Radio 1 from 4pm (or just before 4.30, to hear them confirm the girls at the top 😉

If twitter is your thing, then the girls are doing (another) twitter session – is it just me or are these become so common it’s kinda boring? – anyway you can attempt to get a question answered by tweet your question @GlamourMagUK and remember to include the hashtag #GLAMOURTheSats

There’s obviously A LOT of news doing the rounds this week as the girls keep high profile to keep the single sales up! I won’t post everything here but will post a link to a few articles that you can have a read over.

Up first Vanessa, talks about her crushes (and the like), one for the more adventerous to look over.

Also the girls have revealed that their album is finished – yay – but apparently ‘The Chase’ is only a working title and they have yet to decide to on actual title.

EntertainmentWise have a very long interview with Vanessa over on their site, which you can read the entire interview here but a couple of interesting questions:

What was the first album you ever bought?
I think it was probably like Destiny’s Child. The reunion recently was very exciting, they are one of my favourite groups ever!

Who did you have on your wall as your teen crush?
Oh god I was like 15-years-old and there was an R&B band called B2K who I loved so much. I used to listen to literally all of the albums I was like obsessed. It’s so embarrassing. I’ve got pictures at home of my wall, where it was B2K everywhere.

The DailyMail also talks about their interview with Heat Magazine, I’ve added a few pictures below.

I’m sure there is a whole bunch of stuff that I’ve missed, but there is so much going on. The KEY thing here is that ‘What About Us’ is OUT NOW and we won’t be number one if we don’t keep buying and promoting until 11.59pm SATURDAY. As I said even if the girls are 30,000 or so ahead it means nothing until Saturdays so keep going!


Big Top 40

Today – not too unsurprising with the girls surge on iTunes today – ‘What About Us’ was named at number one on the BigTop40. Obviously we are still a long way off them being crowed Number One on the official chart, but this is a good start!

The road is still very long, the official charts aren’t announced until NEXT Sunday and sales for this chart count until 11.59pm THIS SATURDAY so we need to keep buying, the song, and KEEP PROMOTING the girls to everyone we know to make sure the girls STAY at number 1 on iTunes for as long as possible. Please scroll down to the Sunday Brunch videos below to download What About Us from iTunes, Amazon MP3 (and the remixes) EVERY SALE COUNTS!

All Fired Up, SO CLOSE to number 1 … 2

@thesaturdays are currently ONLY 1,200 copies behind Pixie Lott for Number One … please everyone get buying, make everyone buy it, download it from iTunes, PLUS download the Remix BundleAmazon MP3, 7Digital etc if your mobile phone has a download, download it via there – it all counts. PLUS pop down to your local HMV, pick up a CD, that counts, order the Vinyl from The Saturdays Store, etc. it ALL COUNTS

To make it Clear: TO INCREASE sales of the single buy ALL FIRED UP as an INDIVIDUAL song. So download the single version on its own, then hit iTunes and download the remixes ONE BY ONE – yes I know it costs more, but 1 Bundle sale = 1 sale. 5 remixes in the bundle, download them INDIVIDUALLY = 5 sales for All Fired Up … we know that costs more, but this will INCREASE sales so much. Then pop over to Amazon, download it there, pop over to 7Digital, download it there. If everyone who visited this site did that we’d help the cause no end!  Keep on buying everyone! WE CAN DO THIS! 

The girls are slipping on iTunes now, down to number 3, but The Saturdays are one of the few acts that still sell a good amount of CDs, lets not let what has happened in the past, keep buying, promo the downloads to everyone, friends, family, the pets!

Come on teamsats, WE CAN DO THIS!!

Update: Apparently Ladykiller is number 27 and I Need A Dollar is 34 … please combine the sales Universal (or something!!) they would be number one (probably) if the sales where combined! We’ll see if the label fixes this by tomorrow …. but still its going to be a tough week Pixie is selling well, so KEEP BUYING!!