Monday Roundup – Number One!

The news today is all about The Saturdays grabbing their first UK number one, and in the process becoming the biggest selling one week single of 2013! I’m sure you are all still bouncing as much as we are. The plus is all this positive news and media for the girls means we are still doing great on iTunes on our 8th day, but we have been overtaken at number one by a 1994 song from PJ & Duncan (Ant & Dec) as they performed it on TV on Saturday, but maybe their sales will tail off as the week goes on! Either way if you’ve not bought What About Us, now is a good of as a time than any!

I think this sums up everyone last night:

Thanks Mollie!

Lots of people asking what is next for the girls, simply put they aren’t really stopping. Their sights are now on other markets and can now actually go to these markets and say ‘We’ve had a number one in the UK’ the near future the girls are performing in the UK, heading to Australia and obviously a little closer to home to mainland Europe, world domination is only a stones throw away.

But until then lets try and reclaim number one on iTunes shall we?

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