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Firstly we start with the news that Mollie was out and about in the North East yesterday, presenting a National Lottery Award to the favourite educational project to the Newcastle based Seven Stories.

“Seven Stories is a place that really encourages reading and storytelling,” she said. “A problem with dyslexia is that people can sometimes jump to the conclusion, ‘Oh, she’s thick’. “Some people find spelling difficult and for some people it’s reading. My spelling is fine but for me it is the reading. “They all knew I was dyslexic at school but when we had to read a story out aloud in class I hated it. “Growing up, it definitely put me off reading books but my mum would help me, reading to me and encouraging me to read. It’s so important to have good stories that really appeal to children.”

I’ve added some pictures from the event below 🙂

Frankie has also been out and about, but for different reasons, seems to be giving Mothercare some kind promotion as herself and Wayne have been shopping for baby items (boy of course!) again added some pictures of the glowing Frankie below.

Also Frankie has tweeted today that they are making final decisions about the album, and The Alias tweeted that they are in the studio with the girls, and of course as is The Saturday at the moment threw in another year, this time 1979!! We will be in the swinging 60s soon!!

Also incase you’ve not heard, Rochelle and Marvin are presenting ‘This Morning’ on Friday 23rd August. This is the same day as the girls show in Scarborough (250miles away from London) – Rochelle has said she WILL be at the show, as will we! 🙂

Last, but never least, we hope we will see some of your down at Bluewater THIS SATURDAY, for the girls first show in August. We’ve kindly now got a Meet & Greet with the group, but we would love to see more of you down there too. Tickets are (widely) available for the new venue in Kent, so pop over to Ticketmaster and grab yourselves a ticket now! 🙂 This is a full concert everyone, with support acts too (Only The Young and James Graham)

Summer Time

As most of you are probably aware I work in a school, so August is the main time that I have off for summer holidays! Obviously we are around the time of Disco Love, the 17th single from The Saturdays. But little else is known (remember that the What About Us music video was filmed, what was eventually months before its release) so the same might be happening here.

As you might expect I might not be able to jump on the site, the second any news breaks about the song, so the best way to stay up-to-date with the site news is to follow us on Twitter – we are followed by three of the girls now as Una followed us last week. So join Vanessa, Mollie and Una and follow us on twitter. I will have my phone on me, most of the time, so anything that breaks is likely to be tweeted out before this page is updated.

We will be at two shows this August, we will be at Bluewater, Kent on 10th August, and also in Scarborough, North Yorkshire on 23rd August. We hope to see some of you at these shows, so please say Hi 🙂

The girls are obviously at V too, which is covered on TV, we are on holiday around the time of the V-Festival, so not sure on video availability right now, but we will obviously updated everyone about that nearer the time.

If you are also on holiday in August, have a great time 🙂

Party at the Pier

Heads Up! The Saturdays are performing another summer show. Alongside their two own concerts in Kent and Yorkshire the girls are also hitting Merseyside for the JuiceFM Party at the Pier.

The girls are the headline act of the event that takes place at Pier Head, Liverpool on Sunday 25th August! The girls are performing alongsideLucy Spraggan, Texas and Nina Nesbitt. Tickets only cost £5 and are available here

Source: JuiceFM

Mollie the author and head down to Bluewater!

We start today with more on THAT interview that Mollie has done with Hello Magazine, from the Interview we also learn that Mollie is going to write a book for teenagers … apparently its in the early stages but she is sure it is going to happen.

I’m sure we are all happy that Mollie is doing something else, but should fans start to get worried? Mollie writing books, Una doing more TV presenting, Rochelle and Frankie gave it a go on Sweat The Small Stuff, it’s like the girls are branching out .. I’m sure its nothing but it gives you something to think about whilst the girls are on holiday!

I’ve mentioned it before, and I will mention it again! The girls are playing a few headlining shows next month, the first in Kent in just a months time! The girls are playing the Glow, which is a venue next door to the huge Bluewater Shopping Centre, and the venue is so awesome that even those in the seats in Block G at the rear of the venue are ONLY 50m from the stage – how awesome is that? So seriously head over to ticketmaster and nab yourself a ticket! Be one of only 2,700 fans to catch the girls in a rare headlining show this year!

I mean we are going too, so you might even bump into us down there – now if that’s not a reason to come (If The Saturdays weren’t a big enough draw anyway!) then surely its time to grab a ticket before they all go! 😉

Summertime in London

It’s amazing isn’t it? The UK finally has summer-type weather and our girls made the most of it yesterday as they performed (in what must have been swealting) temperatures at London’s Hyde Park as part of the Summer Music Festival that is taking place there over the next week or so.

I’ve added a few pictures of our girls looking hot (literally!) below, hopefully more will appear and I shall add them to our gallery.

Talking Gallery, I’ve added a few pictures of Mollie’s DJ night, so check them out, hopefully will be able to add a few more as more appear of the night. You can check out our review of the evening in the post below 🙂

As you have read Gentleman did chart at number 14 yesterday, I know there is a level of dispointment from everyone involved, but it has given the girls their 14th Top 20 single, they’ve also confirmed that another single is due out before the album, which if that includes 30 Days, will mean 4 singles before the album (Just hope the album has more than 12 songs!), we can all point the finger to where it we thought it went ‘wrong’ but we need to remain positive and look at the future, first up the girls have a couple of headlining concerts next month in Kent and North Yorkshire, so make sure you grab your tickets!! Plus they are obviously on the main stage at the V-Festival inbetween those shows too!

The Saturdays to play debut NYC Show

Listen up New York TeamSats! The girls are coming to you!!

The Saturdays are playing the Highline Ballroom in New York on Thursday 17th January 2013! They will be performing all the hits, including the brand new single ‘What About Us’

Tickets go on sale this Friday (21st December) via Ticketweb – what a lovely early Christmas Present that would be! Make sure if you are in the area to pop down and give the girls your support!!

Frankie to miss Roxy Show

Sad news. Frankie won’t be performing with the girls and doing her US duties for the time being due to a death in her family. Frankie found out yesterday that her grandad has sadly passed away and that she is obviously returning to the UK for the funeral and to be with her family. We obviously send our best wishes to Frankie and her family during the sad time.

Below are a few pictures of Frankie and the rest of the girls doing some work in LA before Frankie got the news.

Debut Headlining US Show

After the girls performed the other night in LA, they have now announced their first debut headlining show. The girls are playing The Roxy Theatre in LA on 30th October! Tickets go on sale TOMORROW (10th October) at 10.30am (PDT) via TicketWeb

I’ve added a few pictures below of the girls performance at Tigerheat in LA on Thursday below. The girls performed 4 songs, including the new number ‘What About Us’