Mollie the author and head down to Bluewater!

We start today with more on THAT interview that Mollie has done with Hello Magazine, from the Interview we also learn that Mollie is going to write a book for teenagers … apparently its in the early stages but she is sure it is going to happen.

I’m sure we are all happy that Mollie is doing something else, but should fans start to get worried? Mollie writing books, Una doing more TV presenting, Rochelle and Frankie gave it a go on Sweat The Small Stuff, it’s like the girls are branching out .. I’m sure its nothing but it gives you something to think about whilst the girls are on holiday!

I’ve mentioned it before, and I will mention it again! The girls are playing a few headlining shows next month, the first in Kent in just a months time! The girls are playing the Glow, which is a venue next door to the huge Bluewater Shopping Centre, and the venue is so awesome that even those in the seats in Block G at the rear of the venue are ONLY 50m from the stage – how awesome is that? So seriously head over to ticketmaster and nab yourself a ticket! Be one of only 2,700 fans to catch the girls in a rare headlining show this year!

I mean we are going too, so you might even bump into us down there – now if that’s not a reason to come (If The Saturdays weren’t a big enough draw anyway!) then surely its time to grab a ticket before they all go! 😉

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