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Living For The Weekend – Preview


Seems the youtube preview has been removed, again, but if you click on the iTunes link (see the links to the right of this post) you can preview each song from iTunes and obviously make sure you buy the album too!!

After what it seems was a bit of a false start, you can now ‘preview’ the new album Living For The Weekend:

Each song has (around) a 1min preview, so give it a listen and tell us what you think! Remember to pre-order the album from iTunes – links to the right, the standard album is only £6.99!! What’s your excuse?!

New Album: Living For The Weekend


It’s here! The Saturdays have officially announced their new album Living For The Weekend

The album is set to be released on 14th October 2013. You can pre-order the deluxe edition from the official Universal Store £12.99 + P&P You can also grab the Standard Edition for £7.99 + P&P

Official Track listing: 

1. What About Us (Feat. Sean Paul) [Camille Purcell / Ollie Jacobs / Phillip Jacobs / Sean Paul]
2. Disco Love [StopWaitGo]
3. Gentleman [Scott Effman / Priscilla Renea Hamilton / Lucas Nathanson]
4. Leave A Light On [The Jam]
5. Not GIving Up [Carl Ryden / Carla Maria Williams / Antonio Francesco Egizii / Celetia Martin / David Nicholas Musumeci]
6. Lease My Love [Rodney Jerkins / Priscilla Renea]
7. 30 Days [Steve Mac / Autumn Rowe]
8. Anywhere WIth You [The Saturdays / The Jam]
9. Problem With Love [The Jam]
10. You Don’t Have The Right [Diane Warren]
11. Don’t Let Me Dance Alone [The Saturdays / The Jam]
12. Somebody Else’s Life [The Saturdays / Charlie Holmes / Lucie Silvas / Judie Tzuke]

Deluxe Edition (Includes Signed Poster)
13. Wildfire
14. What About Us (Album Version)
15. What About Us (Buzz Junkies Radio Edit feat Sean Paul)
16. Gentleman (The Alias Radio Edit)
17. Disco Love (Wideboys Radio Edit)
18. Not Giving Up (JRMX WeLovePop Radio Edit)


Credits via PopJustice

Mollie on Radio 1, Album finished

Hey all! Hope all is good in your world right now.

Mollie was on BBC Radio 1 this morning doing ‘Call or Delete’, as I’m still away from home I might not be able to get it online, although I will do my best, keep an eye on the twitter account for updates 🙂 but I’m sure those in the UK will be able to listen to it again from the BBC Radio 1 Website later this morning. Seems the Disco Love promo continues, despite its late release date, just hope radio doesn’t pick it up too early and everyone is bored of it come 6th October.

Talking release dates, the girls official twitter tweeted last night:

For those who dropped their tea just there this means the album has been mastered and its ready to be printed (or sent to iTunes). This would suggest that maybe the rumoured release date of the album of being a week after the single is true. It’s all finally coming everyone 🙂

Golden Globes … Frankie B’Day

The Saturdays - Golden Globes 2013

Firstly, Happy Birthday Frankie! From everyone here at The Saturdays Fansite! Who turns 24 today! 🙂 Have a great day!

Well well well, last night our lovely ladies attended the Golden Globes. For those who aren’t aware it’s start of the award season with ends with the the Oscars! The girls walked down the red carpet and performed at the NBC After party too! Nice gig if you can get it right?

Obviously at time of me posting this (9.40am, UK Time) the Golden Globes are only just winding down so information is still filtering through. I’ll keep updating this news item throughout today, pictures will be added shortly, so keep checking back for the latest 🙂

Here’s a video of the girls on the red carpet, from E! (who else?)

There is also a video of the girls on Huffington Post but its sadly blocked in the UK so one for our American visitors to view there.

Just to add, I know PopJustice the other day said that the girls new album is called ‘The Chase’ but they also said a lot of it is unconfirmed. Hopefully they can dig up some additional information on it soo!

News, news and more! 1

Firstly, the hot new video ‘What About Us’ premiered this morning, if you haven’t seen it then, well why not? Check the video out here and leave us your thoughts in our poll!

First up it seems the girls new US release will be called …. ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ its currently up for pre-order on Amazon US for $9.51 and an import is available on Amazon UK for £9.38. US Fans need to jump on this release and show your support. 😀

Frankie was ‘moved to tears’ during the filming of Chasing The Saturdays, as being reported by OK Magazine;

In the debut episode, Sandford, who checked into a clinic in 2011 to treat depression, is seen crying alone in her bedroom – and she admitted she was struggling to deal with the big move from her native U.K.

She says, “I’m hoping I am strong enough to get over it. I felt really homesick. I am such a baby – when I walked in it felt empty.”

Also there is a lot of fuss over nothing about ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ being subtitled in the US so that Americans can understand their accents, US visitors can correct me if I am wrong but I believe that other US shows on E! are also subtitled? Either way ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ premieres on 20th January!

Mollie, Mollie, Mollie!

Our blonde bombshell Miss Mollie King seems to be grabbing all the news at present! First we start with Mollie at the Mahiki Club at a launch of a new coconut rum .. yeah maybe you are having the same thoughts as we are. Either way Mollie looks amazing as always, the problem is everyone else who is in attendance, Mollie we love you but maybe go to a few events where its not full of Z-Listers? You are a member of a leading girl group afterall! You can check out Mollie – in shorts, in December (we’ve had light snow in London today!) below!

The next piece of news about Miss King is the whole Prince Harry did she, didn’t she issue. Speaking to Closer magazine it is being reported that Mollie said: “Yes, I have met Harry, and we did go out for a drink,” she revealed. “But a lot of the times I’m linked to men, I haven’t even met them!”

Now call me old school but if she went ‘for a drink’ does that mean they where actually dating? Was it even a date? Was it just a drink between mates? Make your own conclusions!

It’s all so quiet …

Seems since @TheSaturdays have come back from LA they’ve all gone a bit quiet on us. Rochelle keeps talking up children and babies with Marvin, so is another little-un on the way at some point? Might really throw out their US plans if they are planning to start a family as you can’t travel after a certain period of time! Anyway its all pure speculation at this moment in time, but I’d imagine at some point we will have mini-humes’ running around with the Fodens – The Saturdays extended family continues to expand!

Various ‘extended’ mixes of What About Us has appeared online, obviously out of respect for the group and everyone involved we won’t post anything until something official appears! With a January 2013 date pencilled in for release and with it being the 14th November today they will need to start getting a wiggle on. For example music videos usually premiere 6 weeks before their release so we are closing in on that period now .. I guess time will tell.

Hopefully this is really just the calm before the storm and that we don’t have that much longer to wait!

Welcome Home girls!

It’s been three exhausting months for the girls, despite a brief trip home in the middle, as the girls finally pack up and leave LA to return home to the UK after filming – and recording songs – for their attack on the US charts in the new year. The girls have been tweeting their messages about coming home, plus it seems Mollie over packed a bit! But either way we are very happy to see the girls return home to the UK and to start gearing up for the single release of ‘What About Us’ in the new year and the album to follow afterwards 🙂

Welcome home girls! 🙂