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Firstly, the hot new video ‘What About Us’ premiered this morning, if you haven’t seen it then, well why not? Check the video out here and leave us your thoughts in our poll!

First up it seems the girls new US release will be called …. ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ its currently up for pre-order on Amazon US for $9.51 and an import is available on Amazon UK for £9.38. US Fans need to jump on this release and show your support. 😀

Frankie was ‘moved to tears’ during the filming of Chasing The Saturdays, as being reported by OK Magazine;

In the debut episode, Sandford, who checked into a clinic in 2011 to treat depression, is seen crying alone in her bedroom – and she admitted she was struggling to deal with the big move from her native U.K.

She says, “I’m hoping I am strong enough to get over it. I felt really homesick. I am such a baby – when I walked in it felt empty.”

Also there is a lot of fuss over nothing about ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ being subtitled in the US so that Americans can understand their accents, US visitors can correct me if I am wrong but I believe that other US shows on E! are also subtitled? Either way ‘Chasing The Saturdays’ premieres on 20th January!

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  1. The shows on E! do have subtitles depending on the situation, like if they are in a loud place. I don’t have an issue with Chasing The Saturdays being subtitled because a lot of American’s are used to hearing a British accent like Mollie’s, and not necessarily like Frankie’s (I still have issues understanding Cheryl and Nadine from Girls Aloud). Those of us who are American fans are used to their different accents so its no big deal for us, but it could be for those who aren’t fans yet. Besides we don’t know how much of the show is going to be subtitled yet and won’t till next Sunday.

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